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cleaning critical surfaces

Class 100
Fiber-Free FaceMASKS

Fiber-Free FaceMASK

Foamtec International 4400 Series, Fiber-Free Face Masks provide continuous particle/moisture control and cool, flexible comfort without the speech constraints, goggle/glasses steaming or moisture build-up on the face typical of paper and dense cloth masks. Foamtec International Face Masks are used as comfortable under-masks for hoods with built-in biological masking. They protect the wearer from contact and provide a fresh, clean barrier to the laundered mask in the hood.

  • Particle/moisture control restricts vapor transfer from breath to work surface.
  • Cool comfort even during strenuous production and maintenance procedures.
  • Comfortable as under-mask protection for attachable hood veils.
  • No restriction of breath or speech clarity; reduces lifting or pulling down masks
  • Will not fog safety goggles.
  • More absorbent for greater particle control and longer life.
  • Absolutely fiber-free.

Ordering Information

Product Models Available
HT4401 Foam Face Mask 10/bag 2500/case
HT4402 Foam Beard Mask 10/bag 2500/case

Particles > .5µ Via LPC* <750/cm2
TVNR's DI H2O <.9g/m2
Ions - count of extractable (PPM)
Chloride <5
Sodium <15
Potassium <2
*Liquiborne Particle Counts

Methods of Use

Foamtec International FaceMASKS should be stored in a clean donning area away from fumes and removed from packaging only for immediate donning. Crush the ear-holds in each closed fist and stretch the mask by pulling your hands slightly apart. Pull each ear-hole over corresponding ear and place mask over nose and under chin so it fits snug against your face.

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