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Remove Contamination from Optical Substrates

The cleaning of Optical lenses, substrates, mirrors and assemblies is especially demanding as the engineer must design a cost effective process that cleans without scratching and streaking. In order to meet the strict quality requirements required to produce optical components, Foamtec has designed MiraWIPES®, MiraSWABS® and CleanWIPE® Swabs that enable the delivery of clean, scratch-free and streak-free optical surfaces to production while minimizing cleaning time and labor costs. Specially designed swabs are available for scratch sensitive plastic lenses and digital camera modules. Contact Us for more details.

The Faster and Cheaper Way to PM Vacuum Deposition Tools

Cleaning Vacuum Chambers: Optical components often rely on thin film deposition to achieve desired properties. The line of UltraSOLV® Chamber Cleaning Products allow the technician to more thoroughly clean vacuum deposition chambers by eliminating Scotch-Brite™ induced fibers and particles.

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