Identify Sources of Particulate Contamination

Learn how Foamtec can help you identify and reduce FM in your cleanroom.

The Ultra-Low VOC Presaturated Cleanroom Mop Head

PharmaSAT™ is a presaturated mop head manufactured and processed to improve contamination control in the most advanced wafer fabs.

The VOC Free Cleanroom Wiper

MiraSAT™ is the first cleanroom wiper presaturated with 100% UltraPure Water designed to reduce VOC's in advanced wafer fabs.

The Cleanroom Microfiber Wiper

MiraWIPE® is an abrasion resistant microfiber wiper with a high strength sealed edge border for the most demanding cleanroom cleaning applications.

Innovative Equipment Cleaning Solutions

UltraSOLV Chamber cleaning products enable equipment techs in wafer fabs to perform wet cleans on high vacuum process chambers using 100% DI water while reducing post PM particle adders.

Sahara+ PharmaMOP

The Sahara+ PharmaMOP allows janitorial staff to dislodge, entrap and remove contamination that is embedded in layers of disinfectant residues on floors, walls and ceilings.

Cleanroom Swabs

Foamtec’s foam and microfiber swabs allow for the precision cleaning of devices assembled in cleanrooms. The entire swab manufacturing process is carried out in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001/ISO 13485 facility. The facility is equipped with class 100 washing and packing rooms to ensure cleanliness and quality.

Foamtec's Foreign Material Reduction Program

Foamtec is now offering a service that allows medical device manufacturing facilities to reduce surface foreign materials in their cleanrooms. It works because we locate the source and remove the issue. Click here for more information

Cleanroom Cleaning Products