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Advanced Microfiber 1.25mm Optical Fiber Swabs Enhances Connector Cleaning in the Field

by | Apr 5, 2023

The cleanliness of optical fiber connectors is critical for properly transmitting data through networks. Contamination of the connector end face is one of the main causes of network failure and can lead to signal degradation and even permanent damage to the fiber. While the importance of cleaning the connector end face is widely known, achieving an utterly pristine connector in the field is almost impossible. However, recent advancements in cleaning technology have made it easier to clean connector end faces and reduce the risk of contamination.

Foamtec’s microfiber fiber optic ferrule and connector swab are a revolutionary product that can significantly improve the cleanliness of optical fiber connectors. MiraSWABS are made with a microfiber fabric that a field technician can lightly dampen to eliminate any fluid or residues left in the ferrule. These swabs are processed, washed, and packed in an ISO 5 cleanroom to ensure control of particles, reducing the risk of introducing contaminants to the connector end face.

HT15076X – 6″ Flexible Super Fine Tip

Head Thickness: 1.5 mm
Head Width: 1.5 mm
Head Length: 12.8 mm
Handle Length: 128.2 mm
Handle Diameter: 3.0 mm
Total Length: 153..0 mm
Head Material: Microfiber Fabric
Head Bond: Thermal
Handle Material: Polypropylene
Handle Color: Blue

The MiraSWABS have a diameter that can clean 1.25 mm ID, making them suitable for use with a wide range of connectors. With this product, it is now possible to clean the connector end face in more areas, including the previously unattended “zone X,” reducing the risk of debris migration, particle multiplication, and performance issues.

The MiraSWABS is easy to use, and the microfiber fabric provides a gentle yet thorough clean that does not leave any scratches or damage to the connector end face. The swabs can be used with or without a cleaning solution, making them suitable for dry and wet cleaning.

Cleaning the connector end face is critical in maintaining network performance and preventing failures. While achieving a completely pristine connector in the field is impossible, using advanced cleaning technology like Foamtec’s MiraSWABS can significantly reduce contamination risk and improve optical fiber connectors’ cleanliness. With this product, network owners and installers can rest assured that their network is functioning optimally and less likely to experience connectivity issues associated with the connector end face contamination.

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