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Advancing Cleaning Precision: Foamtec’s ScrubWRIGHT® Pen and Diamond ScrubBELT® vs. Ceramic Scrapers for cleaning Electrostatic Chucks

by | Aug 29, 2023

In semiconductor manufacturing, even the most minor details can impact productivity. Residues and particles left behind can cause significant setbacks. This is especially true for expensive electrostatic chucks (ESCs) in LAM, AMAT, and TEL plasma etch tools. Traditional ceramic scrapers have long been used for cleaning but can cause more harm than good. That’s where Foamtec’s practical solution comes in – the ScrubWRIGHT® Pen and Diamond ScrubBELT® – designed to revolutionize the cleaning process and prevent scratch damage.

Introducing Precision Cleaning: ScrubWRIGHT® Pen and Diamond ScrubBELT®
Cleaning hard-to-reach areas requires a pragmatic approach. Foamtec’s ScrubWRIGHT® Pen and Diamond ScrubBELT® are engineered precisely for this purpose. With interchangeable Diamond ScrubBELTS® in different grits, this duo effectively polishes stains, removes scratches, and tackles process-induced residue on delicate surfaces. Its spring-adjustable design simplifies mounting and rotation, enhancing its versatility.

Highlighting Key Features

  1. Cost-Effective Solution: Say goodbye to the hassle of removing and sending parts out for cleaning. The ScrubWRIGHT® Pen and Diamond ScrubBELT® enable in-chamber cleaning, reducing downtime and the expenses tied to external cleaning services.
  2. Particle Prevention: These tools strategically remove deposition from critical process areas, minimizing the risk of unwanted flaking and contamination.
  3. Preserving Delicate Zones: The pinpoint accuracy of the Diamond ScrubBELT® allows for direct deposition removal from sensitive areas, without causing wear on surrounding surfaces.
  4. Damage Avoidance: Traditional tools like Scotch-Brite™, razor blades, and ceramic knives can cause unintended damage. The ScrubWRIGHT® Pen and Diamond ScrubBELT® minimize the risk of harming critical parts.
  5. Versatile Deposition Removal: Diamond ScrubBELTS® covers various surfaces, from aluminum to stainless steel, ceramic, glass, quartz, and anodized surfaces.

The Diamond ScrubBELT® Arsenal:

  • HT4528DW-5: 280 Grit Diamond ScrubBELT®
  • HT4536DW-5: 360 Grit Diamond ScrubBELT®
  • HT4580DW-5: 800 Grit Diamond ScrubBELT®
  • HT4513PDW-5: 1350 Grit Diamond ScrubBELT®

The Practical ScrubWRIGHT® Pen:

  • FTPEN-1: ScrubWRIGHT® Pen Tool

A Glimpse into a Precise Future:Foamtec isn’t just providing tools; it’s changing how we approach precision cleaning. The ScrubWRIGHT® Pen and Diamond ScrubBELT® represent an era of efficient, precise, and functional cleaning.

Choose Practical Precision with Foamtec:

Experience the evolution of precision cleaning with Foamtec’s ScrubWRIGHT® Pen and Diamond ScrubBELT®. Embrace efficiency, accuracy, and minimized scratch damage. Foamtec is introducing practical solutions that redefine precision cleaning.

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