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Annex 1 Made Easy: Sahara Plus Delivers Compliance & Cost Savings Without Validation Hell

by | Mar 11, 2024

Unlock Cost Savings and Compliance Ease with Sahara Plus: The Ultimate Annex 1 Solution

As GMP manufacturing facilities navigate the stringent requirements of Annex 1, the need for compliant cleaning solutions has never been more critical. However, compliance often comes at a hefty price, with the validation of new low-residue disinfectants or detergents adding significant costs and complexities to operations. Enter Foamtec’s Sahara Plus system, offering a game-changing approach that ensures Annex 1 disinfectant residue cleaning requirements are met without costly validations.

Streamlined Compliance, Substantial Savings

Sahara Plus eliminates the need for expensive validations by allowing customers to effortlessly comply with Annex 1 disinfectant residue cleaning requirements using only water or 70% IPA. Here’s how it revolutionizes the process:
Effortless Residue Removal: The Sahara foam wiper, combined with water or 70% IPA, effectively loosens and removes disinfectant residues without additional chemical agents. This simplifies cleaning protocols while ensuring compliance with Annex 1 standards.
Cost-Efficient Operations: By eliminating the requirement for new low-residue disinfectants or detergents, Sahara Plus delivers substantial cost savings. Customers can redirect resources previously allocated to validation efforts toward other critical areas of their operations.
Enhanced Operational Efficiency: With the Sahara Plus system, GMP facilities can streamline their cleaning processes, reducing the time and effort required for compliance. This boosts overall efficiency and productivity while maintaining the highest cleanliness standards.

A Reliable, Proven Solution

Sahara Plus isn’t just a compliance tool; it’s a proven solution that empowers GMP facilities to achieve optimal cleanliness without breaking the bank:
Trusted Performance: Backed by extensive testing and real-world application, Sahara Plus has consistently delivered exceptional results in removing disinfectant residues, ensuring product integrity and regulatory compliance.
Seamless Integration: Implementing Sahara Plus into existing cleaning protocols is seamless, requiring minimal adjustments or additional investments. GMP facilities can quickly adopt this solution and reap its benefits without disruption.
Future-Proofed Compliance: With Sahara Plus, GMP facilities can confidently navigate evolving regulatory landscapes, knowing they have a reliable solution that meets current Annex 1 requirements and adapts to future changes without the need for costly validations.

Unlock Compliance Ease and Cost Savings Today

In conclusion, Sahara Plus from Foamtec offers GMP manufacturing facilities a pathway to effortless compliance with Annex 1 disinfectant residue cleaning requirements, all while delivering substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies. Say goodbye to costly validations and hello to streamlined, cost-effective cleaning with Sahara Plus. Contact us today to revolutionize your cleaning protocols and experience compliance made easy.

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