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Cleaning Dycem Cleanroom Mats & Gowning Rooms in Response to Covid 19

by | Jul 24, 2020

Gowning rooms in the cleanroom are high traffic areas with multiple touchpoints and, in response to COVID-19, need special attention from the Janitorial staff.

Dycem® cleanroom entrance mats and CleanZone floor mats are an integral part of many facilities’ contamination control strategies.

Dycem® users understand the need to routinely clean the mats and flooring with either mops or squeegees, using approved Dycem® cleaning solutions.

In response to COVID-19, facilities managers look for the most effective practices to achieve a thorough cleaning. Moreover, for facilities that employ Dycem® CleanZone mats throughout the cleanroom, increasing cleaning frequency is taxing the janitorial staff.

In response, several Dycem® users have adopted Foamtec’s PharmaMOP GO mopping system.

PharmaMOP GO allows janitorial staff to load and unload mop heads hands-free, minimizing exposure and time spent changing mops heads. Also, the Sahara + mop heads are production-proven to dislodge, entrap and remove soils, greatly enhancing surface cleanliness.

Learn how the PharmaMOP GO mop system can enhance the cleanliness and safety of your cleanroom.


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