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Cleaning Essential Manufacturing Facilities during the COVID-19 Crisis. What to do About the 70% IPA Shortage?

by | Apr 2, 2020

In response to the spread of COVID-19, work from home routine is becoming widespread.

But for essential manufacturers, work from home is not an option for production staff, so facilities are cleaning more frequently to maintain operations and keep their team safe. And while it is desirable to implement social distancing in the workplace, especially in Medical device facilities, production staff are often in tight spaces due to the layout of production lines and gown rooms.

In response to guidance from the CDC, production and housekeeping staff are required to wipe with 70% alcohol much more frequently.

At the same time, hand sanitizer and disinfectant usage are spiking, which is creating a shortage of Cleanroom grade, USP 70% alcohol for many facilities.

Exacerbating the shortage of alcohol is that 9”x9” polyester wipers, to sanitize surfaces reliably, require at least 25 ml of IPA to achieve a 3 log reduction in bioburdens.

Microfiber, on the other because of its much higher cleaning efficacy, can reliably achieve 3 log reductions of surfaces saturated with only 10ml of 70% Alcohol.

MiraSAT is the most widely used presaturated microfiber cleanroom wiper because it is production proven in critical equipment cleaning protocols to deliver the lowest post-cleaning particle results. Also, as the chart below demonstrates, it is effective at sanitizing surfaces.


MiraSAT Wipes are constructed from a high strength microfiber fabric that has industry-leading strength, durability and contamination removal properties making it ideal for cleaning and sanitizing equipment, workstations and components.

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