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Cleaning Three Roll Mills Quickly Without Compromising Safety

by | Feb 28, 2020


Three roll mills are essential for dispersing particles in high viscosity materials such as silicones, screen printable inks, high-performance ceramics, pharmaceutical ointments, and nanoparticle formulations.

Operator safety is a primary concern when operating and cleaning three rolls mills.

Cleaning three roll mills, especially when solvents such as IPA, Acetone, and Xylene are required to remove solvent-based dispersions, is labor-intensive and very slow. To improve productivity, Foamtec has developed cleaning tools that allow the mill to be safely cleaned while the rollers are rotating.

The ErgoSCRUB swab allows the operator to stand off from the spinning rollers to clean the mill much more thoroughly and quickly without compromising safety. The cylindrical shape, high surface area, and conformable characteristics of the ErgoSCRUB tip enable operators to simultaneously clean the center/feed roller and the center/apron roller.


The ErgoSCRUB tips employ both Sahara and UltraSORB+ foams to maximize cleaning productivity.

Sahara scrubbing foam loosens and removes the bulk of dried inks, creams, and silicones from the mill, and super absorbent UltraSORB+ foam is used for final cleaning to eliminate cross-contamination issues. Both the Sahara and UltraSORB+ foams are available in wipers and sponges for those cleaning procedures that require the mill to be cleaned in a locked-out condition.

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