Microbiological Sampling

  • The ultimate mop


Microbiological identification and assays often requires swab sampling to collect and analyze microbial organisms. The WCC Division of Foamtec International is the largest manufacturer of clean micro fiber, polyester and foam swabs in the world, and has the capabilities to develop custom sample collection devices that enable sample integrity and recovery.

Foamtec International's WCC Division has a broad range of options for sample collection. We work closely with our OEM partners to provide just the right solution.


• Fully automated swab manufacturing and cleaning ensures uniform physical dimensions, tip adhesion and cleanliness
• State of the Art foam manufacturing technology results in swabs that excel in collection efficiency while maintaining specimen activity and integrity
• Special grades of foams are available to produce swabs that are free of Endotoxins and Cytotoxins for biologically sensitive sample collection applications
• Just released MiraSWABS® with patented micro fiber over foam head construction are ideal for TOC and bacterial validation applications.

Common Applications

• Forensics
• Clinical Testing
• Food Safety
• Pharmaceutical testing
• DNA Swabs