Ultra Fine Line Screen Printing

Foamtec's UltraSORB and CleanWIPE Foam wipers are widely used to dry wipe clogged screens in ultra fine line screen printing processes. Both CleanWIPE and UltraSORB eliminates the need to wipe with solvents to quickly clear clogged screens. UltraSORB and CleanWIPE are designed to dry wipe excess paste and debris that lead to misprints.

UltraSORB and CleanWIPE are production proven to improve screen printing for LTCC, print and fire, touchscreen, membrane switch, and high aspect screen printing employed for solar cells.

UltraSORB foam wipers are optimized for screen printing processes that have line widths below 100µm.

For final clean up of screens off the printer, both CleanWIPE and UltraSORB are compatible with IPA, xylene, toluene and Axarel.

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