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Cleanroom Wiper Sealed Edges – How to Choose the Right Cleanroom Wipe for your Cleanroom Facility

by | Jan 12, 2023

Cleanliness is a vital aspect of any cleanroom environment. ISO 5 cleanrooms are used for aseptic processing, microelectronic production and advanced wafer fabs. Since these facilities are very sensitive to contamination, sealed edge wipers are widely deployed for equipment cleaning operations. The cleanliness of sealed edge cleanroom wipers plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall cleanliness of the cleanroom. Traditionally, sealed-edge wipers have been constructed using circular knit polyester fabrics(pictured below).

Polyester Wipe with sealed edge, fabricated using ultrasonic cutting and sealing.

While the edge of these wipers are clean out of the bag, during use these sealed edge wipers are prone to damage due to the stretch of the fabric in the weft direction. This can result in increased particle counts and contamination of the cleanroom environment.

The sealed edge in the warp direction has high strength but in the weft direction, the seal is easily damaged during heavy duty equipment cleaning procedures.

In contrast, sealed-edge wipers made from woven microfiber are much more resistant to damage. This is because the fabric does not stretch in either direction, leading to fewer particles and fibers being shed from the wiper during cleaning.

In comparison to conventional polyester wipes, MiraWIPE® is a woven cleanroom microfiber wiper that improves absorbency and removal of foreign particle contamination. When utilized for heavy-duty equipment cleaning operations, the very smooth, high-density woven polyester/nylon fabric almost inhibits shedding of particles larger than .50 micron FM from the face of the wiper. A significant source of particle formation is eliminated since the non-stretch fabric and ultrasonic sealed edge will not split while being used. MiraWIPE’s non-symmetrical microfiber structure makes it possible to dislodge, capture, and remove contamination from product contact surfaces and components.

MiraWIPE Cleanroom Microfiber Wipe with Wide Sealed Edge

MiraWIPE is laundered and packed in to ensure compatibility with ISO Class 3 cleanrooms. MiraWIPE is lot tested and certified by LPC, Helmke drum and optical test methods to ensure control of submicron to 500 micron particles. The microfiber fabric is tested and certified to ANSI/ESD S541 standards to be static dissipative for ESD sensitive environments. All wipers are double bagged to aid cleanroom entry protocols.

In conclusion, sealed-edge cleanroom wipers are essential to maintaining the cleanliness of a cleanroom environment. The integrity of the wiper, including the fabric construction and seal, is crucial in controlling particles and fibers greater than 50 microns in size. Wipers made from woven microfiber are more resistant to damage and are less likely to shed particles and fibers, making them an ideal choice for use in a cleanroom environment.

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