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Conquering Corrosion: How Diamond ScrubPADS and PneuSCRUB Restore Stainless Steel Equipment in Oral and Solid Dosage Manufacturing

by | Apr 25, 2024

Maintaining a spotless facility is paramount in oral and solid dosage manufacturing. But even the most rigorous cleaning routines can’t prevent the occasional battle with a persistent enemy – corrosion. Corrosion on stainless steel equipment compromises aesthetics and creates harbors for contaminants, jeopardizing product quality and cleaning validation.

Traditional methods for addressing corrosion often involve harsh chemicals or abrasive blasting, which pose safety hazards and can further damage delicate equipment surfaces.

Foamtec Offers a Gentle Yet Effective Solution

Foamtec’s Diamond Scrub Pads provide a production-proven alternative for remediating corrosion damage on 304 and 316 stainless steel equipment commonly used in oral and solid dosage manufacturing. Here’s how our Diamond Scrub Pads help you restore your equipment to pristine condition:

  • Mechanical Passivation: The key to stainless steel’s corrosion resistance lies in a thin, invisible layer of chromium oxide called the passive layer. Corrosion disrupts this layer, leaving the underlying metal vulnerable. Diamond Scrub Pads employ a precisely calibrated abrasive texture that polishes the metal surface, promoting natural passivation. This self-healing mechanism allows the stainless steel to reform the protective chromium oxide layer, enhancing its corrosion resistance.
  • Controlled Abrasion: Unlike harsh chemicals or blasting techniques, Diamond Scrub Pads offer a safe and controlled method for removing corrosion. Their unique construction ensures effective cleaning without excessive scratching that could exacerbate future corrosion issues.
  • Targeted Cleaning: Diamond Scrub Pads can be used for spot treatment of specific corrosion areas or a more comprehensive cleaning of the entire equipment surface. This versatility allows you to address your specific needs efficiently.

Supercharge Your Scrubbing with PneuSCRUB

Consider the PneuSCRUB, a powerful air-powered attachment compatible with Diamond Scrub Pads for faster and more efficient remediation of corroded equipment. The PneuSCRUB utilizes compressed air to drive the cleaning pad at high speed, significantly reducing manual effort and scrubbing time. PneuSCRUB is ideal for larger equipment surfaces or heavily corroded areas.

Reaching Tight Corners with Triangular Diamond Pads

Don’t let tight corners or hard-to-reach areas slow you down. Foamtec offers triangular-shaped Diamond Scrub Pads specifically designed to tackle these cleaning challenges. Their unique shape allows precise maneuvering and effective cleaning in corners, crevices, and around valves or other equipment protrusions.

A Shining Example of Restoration

By utilizing Diamond Scrub Pads, in conjunction with the PneuSCRUB for larger areas and triangular pads for hard-to-reach spots, you can:

  • Restore the corrosion resistance of your stainless steel equipment, promoting longer lifespans and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Create a smooth, polished surface that minimizes the risk of future corrosion and contaminant harborage.
  • Enhance cleanability: A smooth surface allows for more effective cleaning and validation, ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance.

Remember, Diamond Scrub Pads are just one step in the fight against corrosion. For a complete cleaning solution, follow up with Foamtec’s other cleaning products:

  • Sahara Buffing Pads: Ideal for final polishing and achieving a scratch-free finish after using Diamond Scrub Pads.
  • MiraWIPE: Our microfiber based MiraWIPE acts as the final touch, entrapping and removing any remaining contamination and corrosion particles polished off the equipment surface.


By combining Diamond Scrub Pads, PneuSCRUB, triangular pads, and a comprehensive cleaning regimen, you can reclaim your equipment from the clutches of corrosion and ensure a sparkling clean environment for optimal production.

Switch to Foamtec today and experience the power of gentle yet effective corrosion remediation!

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