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Discover the Precision Cleaning Power of MiraSWAB® Micro Fiber Swabs

by | May 28, 2024

In the world of precision cleaning, Foamtec International’s MiraSWAB® Micro Fiber Swabs stand out as a remarkable innovation designed to meet the exacting standards of various industries. From semiconductor manufacturing to medical device cleaning, these swabs offer unparalleled performance and versatility.

What Makes MiraSWAB® Special?

1. Advanced Tip Design: MiraSWAB® swabs feature a unique tip construction with single and double layers of micro fiber fabric over foam and polyester. This combination ensures superior cushioning and conformability, making them perfect for cleaning intricate and hard-to-reach areas.

2. Thermal Bonding: All tip materials are thermally bonded to the polypropylene shaft, creating a secure and clean connection that prevents shedding and contamination.

3. ISO Class 5 Clean Room Standards: These swabs undergo a proprietary cleaning process in an ISO Class 5 clean room, resulting in extremely low particle and non-volatile residue (NVR) levels, ensuring high purity and compatibility with sensitive applications.

4. Resilience and Durability: MiraSWAB® swabs are designed to resist degradation from abrasion and aggressive solvents like acetone, ensuring they can handle the most demanding cleaning tasks.

5. Scratch-Free Cleaning: Combining the cleaning efficiency of micro fiber fabrics with the gentle properties of foam, MiraSWAB® swabs provide scratch-free cleaning, making them ideal for optics, hard disk drives, semiconductor components, electronic assemblies, biomedical applications, and more.

Applications of MiraSWAB®

  • Optical Assemblies: Efficiently remove stains, particles, and water spots without scratching sensitive surfaces.
  • Industrial Cleaning: Perfect for use with solvents such as IPA, acetone, MEK, NMP, and Kyzen.
  • Medical Devices: Clean adhesive residues and water spots effectively.
  • Fine Assembly Operations: Replace traditional cotton and chamois swabs with high absorbency, fiber-free alternatives.


MiraSWAB® Micro Fiber Swabs offer a superior cleaning solution for a wide range of critical applications. Their innovative design and rigorous manufacturing standards make them a reliable choice for achieving spotless, contamination-free surfaces. Experience the difference in precision cleaning with MiraSWAB® swabs today!