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Elevating Cleanliness and Protection in Semiconductor Fabs with Foamtec’s Ultra Clean CushionPAD

by | Oct 16, 2023

In semiconductor manufacturing, precision, cleanliness, and protection are paramount. Every component, device, or piece of equipment entering the pristine environment of a sub-10 nm wafer fab cleanroom must meet stringent cleanliness standards to avoid contamination. Foamtec’s UltraClean Sahara Foam has emerged as a game-changer, offering a unique combination of high strength, ultra-low outgassing, and minimal particle and elemental contamination. In this blog post, we’ll explore how CushionPAD enables semiconductor fabs, equipment suppliers, and component manufacturers to enhance both cleanliness and protection while transporting delicate devices into the fab cleanroom.

The Challenge of Contamination in Sub-10 nm Wafer Fab Cleanrooms

Semiconductor fabs operating at sub-10 nm technology nodes demand unparalleled cleanliness. Even the tiniest particles or trace amounts of contaminants can jeopardize the production of advanced semiconductor devices. To maintain the purity of the cleanroom environment, ensuring that all materials and components introduced into the fab meet strict cleanliness and outgassing standards is crucial.

How Foamtec’s CushionPAD Is Transforming the Game

  1. High Strength for Heavy Parts:
  2. Sahara Foam boasts exceptional strength, ideal for handling heavy parts, components, and equipment. This durability ensures that delicate devices are securely protected during transportation, reducing the risk of damage.
  3. Ultra-Low Outgassing:
  4. Outgassing, the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can be a significant concern in cleanroom environments. Sahara Foam’s ultra-low outgassing properties make it a standout choice. It releases minimal VOCs, safeguarding the cleanroom’s pristine atmosphere.
  5. Minimal Particle and Elemental Contamination:
  6. Sahara Foam is engineered with meticulous precision to keep particle and elemental contamination levels to a minimum. This prevents the foam from cross-contaminating the sensitive equipment and components within the cleanroom.
  7. Enhanced Cleanliness and Protection:
  8. Using Sahara Foam as a packaging material, semiconductor fabs, equipment suppliers, and component manufacturers can ensure that their delicate devices are transported with the highest level of cleanliness and protection. This significantly reduces the risk of introducing contaminants into the fab cleanroom.
  9. Reliable Purity Assurance:
  10. Sahara Foam’s unique combination of features provides reliable purity assurance, giving semiconductor manufacturers the confidence they need to meet the rigorous standards of sub-10 nm wafer fabrication.


In sub-10 nm wafer fab cleanrooms, cleanliness and protection are non-negotiable. Foamtec’s CushionPAD has emerged as a pioneering solution, offering the strength to handle heavy parts, ultra-low outgassing to maintain cleanroom purity, and minimal particle and elemental contamination levels. This remarkable combination of features ensures that delicate devices are transported with unmatched cleanliness and protection, reducing the risk of contamination in the fab cleanroom.

Semiconductor fabs, equipment suppliers, and component manufacturers can now embrace Sahara Foam as a trusted tool in their quest for precision and reliability. By choosing CushionPAD, they not only enhance cleanliness but also elevate the protection of their most delicate devices, ultimately contributing to the success of sub-10 nm wafer fabrication.

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