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Enhancing Cleanliness and Quality in Compound Pharmacies with Foamtec’s PolyCHECK® and MiraWIPE®

by | Sep 27, 2023

Maintaining cleanliness and product quality is paramount in the pharmaceutical compounding world. Even the smallest visible particles can lead to contamination issues, potentially jeopardizing patient safety. To address this challenge, Foamtec’s innovative solutions, PolyCHECK® and MiraWIPE®, have emerged as invaluable tools in helping compound pharmacies identify and eliminate sources of contamination that generate visible particle defects.

The Significance of Cleanliness in Compound Pharmacies

Compound pharmacies play a critical role in tailoring medications to individual patient needs. However, the semi-automated filling systems commonly employed in these facilities introduce a unique set of challenges, making it even more critical to understand and address potential sources of contamination. Visible particles can arise from various sources, including the tools used to maintain cleanliness, such as sterile wipers.

PolyCHECK®: Shedding Light on Particle Sources

PolyCHECK®, Foamtec’s cutting-edge tool, has been successfully deployed in numerous aseptic facilities, shedding light on a critical discovery. It revealed that sterile wipers are often the primary source of visible particles in many pharmaceutical settings. This revelation is a game-changer for compound pharmacies, allowing them to focus on addressing a significant contamination risk.

Understanding Wiper Shedding for Better Cleanliness

Filling machines and laminar flow hoods in compound pharmacies are routinely wiped down as part of standard cleaning procedures. However, the choice of wiper can make a substantial difference in cleanliness. PolyCHECK®’s insights provide deep process knowledge about the sources of particles shed by wipers. This knowledge is instrumental in addressing regulatory requirements and ensuring that compound pharmacies maintain the highest cleanliness standards.

MiraWIPE®: A Solution for Enhanced Cleanliness

Armed with the knowledge gained from PolyCHECK®, compound pharmacies can make informed decisions when selecting wipers. Foamtec’s MiraWIPE®, designed with cleanliness and quality in mind, is a high-quality wiper with a proven track record of eliminating visible particle contamination. By choosing the right wiper, compound pharmacies can significantly reduce contamination risk, ensuring their compounded medications’ safety and efficacy.

Conclusion: Elevating Cleanliness and Quality in Compound Pharmacies

Foamtec’s PolyCHECK® and MiraWIPE® offer compound pharmacies a powerful combination to address contamination challenges. By understanding the sources of visible particles and selecting high-quality wipers, these pharmacies can enhance cleanliness, maintain product quality, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. In the intricate pharmaceutical compounding world, where precision and safety are paramount, these innovative solutions are a game-changer, providing peace of mind to pharmacists and patients alike.