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Enhancing Electron Gun(E-Gun) Cleaning Efficiency in Coater PM with Foamtec’s Comprehensive Solution

by | Aug 24, 2023

In the dynamic world of semiconductor manufacturing, precision and efficiency reign supreme. The optimal performance of equipment, especially E-beam coaters, is pivotal in meeting production demands and ensuring top-tier product quality. As the deposition process ensues in E-beam coaters, materials are vaporized and deposited on E-gun surfaces. Over time, these materials can solidify into persistent process by-products, presenting challenges during Preventive Maintenance (PM) procedures. This accumulation affects the efficiency and performance of beam coating, necessitating frequent and thorough cleaning to sustain peak tool productivity. However, traditional cleaning methods like *Scotch-Brite™ and using a wire brush, though familiar, can be time-consuming, inducing particle and wire shedding, and even leave stubborn residues behind. Additionally, using a wire brush can induce the copper surface to be scratched, which makes the surface more susceptible to particle issues from process buildup down the road. These extended PM durations translate to increased equipment downtime and post-PM particle concerns, as residues left on E-gun surfaces can contribute to contamination during subsequent deposition processes.

Foamtec’s Holistic Solution: Comprehensive Scrubbing and Wiping Approaches

Enter Foamtec’s game-changing approach to E-gun cleaning during PM procedures: a dynamic combination of scrubbing and wiping solutions that synergize for optimal results.

Scrubbing Solution: ScrubPAD, ScrubDISK, and ScrubBELT Foamtec’s ScrubPAD, ScrubDISK, and ScrubBELT are meticulously designed to tackle the persistent challenge of process by-products on E-gun surfaces in coaters. These innovative cleaning tools integrate advanced materials and technology to efficiently remove residues down to the bare copper surface, ensuring an optimally performing E-gun:

  • ScrubPAD: These foam-backed abrasive pads are engineered to exhibit exceptional removal power while maintaining a gentle approach to E-gun surfaces. This is especially critical as the side surfaces of the heath underneath the E-gun must be treated delicately to prevent damage. The ScrubPAD’s unique construction enables effective removal of stubborn by-products without any harm. Its flexible design permits tackling even the most challenging areas, including the radial surface within the crucible pocket and the E-gun turret mating surfaces.
  • ScrubDISK: Innovative and durable, ScrubDISK offers precise cleaning and enhanced particle control. Its ergonomic design empowers technicians to exert effective cleaning force with minimal effort, leading to reduced scrubbing time and superior cleaning results down to bare copper. The disk’s design ensures uniform and thorough cleaning across the E-gun top plate.
  • ScrubBELT: Designed to address complex cleaning tasks, ScrubBELT extends reach and flexibility to access hard-to-reach areas in the coater. Its robust construction and exceptional cleaning performance contribute to more efficient PM procedures, making it an invaluable tool for targeting corner edges of the hearth and the crucible pockets beneath the E-gun’s top plate.

Wiping Solution: UltraSOLV Foam Sponge and MiraWIPE Foamtec’s wiping solution, comprising UltraSOLV foam sponge and MiraWIPE, complements the scrubbing solution by preparing E-gun surfaces for scrubbing and efficiently wiping off scrubbed residues:

  • UltraSOLV Foam Sponge: This highly absorbent sponge, crafted from naturally reticulated, hydrophilic polyurethane foam, pre-wets E-gun surfaces by breaking down initial polymer buildup. Its absorbent nature allows for efficient residue unloading from ScrubPAD, extending the pad’s lifespan. The foam’s structure prevents snagging or tearing due to flaky residue, ensuring a seamless process.
  • MiraWIPE: Engineered from continuous filament micro denier polyester/nylon textile, MiraWIPE is a cleanroom microfiber wiper designed for enhanced absorbency and foreign particle contamination removal compared to traditional polyester wipers. Its abrasion-resistant fabric minimizes shedding of particulate matter, ensuring a clean wipe without introducing contaminants. MiraWIPE plays a pivotal role in effectively wiping scrubbed residue from E-gun surfaces, culminating in the most efficient recovery.

Reinventing E-Gun PM Procedures

With the comprehensive synergy of Foamtec’s ScrubPAD, ScrubDISK, ScrubBELT, UltraSOLV foam sponge, and MiraWIPE, PM procedures for E-gun coaters undergo a transformation. Technicians can now swiftly and effortlessly remove process by-products, achieving bare copper surfaces and drastically reducing PM durations. This streamlined approach not only leads to enhanced equipment uptime but also bolsters tool productivity. The semiconductor manufacturing industry gains the leverage to meet rigorous production schedules while upholding impeccable product quality.

In conclusion, Foamtec’s multifaceted approach propels E-gun cleaning in coater PM procedures into a new era of efficiency and precision. As the semiconductor landscape evolves, Foamtec remains at the forefront, driving innovation that empowers semiconductor fabs globally.

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*Scotch-Brite™ is a trademark of 3M.