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Enhancing Medical Device Quality: Foamtec’s MiraWipe Revolutionizes LSR Post-Cured Injection Molded Processes

by | Sep 13, 2023

In the fast-paced world of medical device manufacturing, ensuring high-quality products is of paramount importance. However, foreign material (FM) rejects can often plague the production process, leading to potential risks and increased costs. Foamtec’s innovative solution, MiraWipe, offers a game-changing approach to reducing FM rejects in medical devices produced from LSR post-cured injection molded processes. This blog explores how MiraWipe enables thorough cleaning of curing ovens, mitigating the presence of dark particles that contribute to high levels of device rejects.

Understanding the Impact of Dark Particles:
Dark particles, commonly found in curing ovens, pose a significant challenge to medical device manufacturers. These particles can contaminate the surface of the devices during the curing process, leading to visible defects and compromised functionality. The presence of dark particles not only diminishes the aesthetic appeal of the devices but also increases the likelihood of FM rejects, potentially endangering patient safety.

The Role of Curing Ovens in Device Production:
Curing ovens play a vital role in the post-curing process of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection molded medical devices. These ovens facilitate the cross-linking of LSR, ensuring the devices achieve their desired physical properties and performance characteristics. However, over time, curing ovens accumulate various contaminants, including dark particles, which can transfer onto the devices during the curing phase.

Introducing Foamtec’s MiraWipe:
Foamtec, a renowned leader in contamination control solutions, has developed MiraWipe, a cutting-edge cleaning technology designed specifically for curing ovens in medical device manufacturing. MiraWipe combines advanced materials and a unique structure to enable thorough and effective cleaning, reducing the presence of dark particles and subsequently minimizing FM rejects.

How MiraWipe Reduces FM Rejects:
1. Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: MiraWipe’s engineered structure enhances its cleaning capabilities, efficiently removing dark particles from the oven surfaces. Its innovative composition ensures both physical and chemical compatibility with cleaning agents, allowing for effective removal of contaminants without leaving behind residue.

2. Optimal Particle Capture: MiraWipe’s high surface area and unique fiber composition effectively capture and retain dark particles. This prevents their redistribution onto medical devices during subsequent curing cycles, significantly reducing FM rejects and enhancing overall device quality.

3. Reduced Downtime and Costs: By enabling thorough cleaning, MiraWipe helps to extend the intervals between oven maintenance and cleaning cycles. This not only reduces downtime for production but also lowers costs associated with oven cleaning, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Foamtec’s MiraWipe offers an innovative solution to address the challenges posed by dark particles in medical device manufacturing. By enabling thorough cleaning of curing ovens, MiraWipe significantly reduces FM rejects in medical devices produced from LSR post-cured injection molded processes. With its enhanced cleaning efficiency, optimal particle capture, and cost-saving benefits, MiraWipe empowers medical device manufacturers to enhance product quality, ensure patient safety, and optimize operational efficiency. Embracing this revolutionary solution marks a significant step towards advancing the reliability and performance of medical devices in the healthcare industry.

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