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Ensuring Pristine Orthopedic Implants: Foamtec’s Cleanroom Inspection and Microfiber Wipes

by | Oct 27, 2023

Manufacturing orthopedic implants demands the highest standards of cleanliness to ensure the safety and efficacy of these life-changing medical devices. To achieve this, manufacturers employ ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning processes after machining and surface treatment. However, despite these automated methods, foreign material contamination remains a concern. This article explores how Foamtec’s PolyCHECK® particle identification system, in combination with MiraWIPE® cleanroom microfiber wipers, revolutionizes the identification and elimination of contaminants in orthopedic implant manufacturing. 

The Challenge of Implant Contamination

Orthopedic implant manufacturers have made significant strides in automated cleaning methods, using ultrasonic and megasonic processes. Yet, challenges persist. Even after washing, water spots, metallic particles, and residues often stubbornly cling to the implants. The issue is exacerbated by the fact that traditional wiper-based particles are usually white or opaque, making them challenging to detect during inspections. 

The Costly Consequences of Missed Contaminants

The consequences of missing contaminants are far-reaching and costly. Implants that aren’t thoroughly cleaned may lead to complications post-surgery, putting patients at risk. Furthermore, rework and rejection of contaminated implants are expensive in terms of time, resources, and reputation. The need for a foolproof solution in orthopedic implant manufacturing is evident.

PolyCHECK®: A Game-Changer in Particle Identification

Foamtec’s PolyCHECK® particle identification system is the answer to these challenges. This advanced technology provides a black cleanroom inspection wiper to validate the cleanliness of both implants and work surfaces. Combined with a UV light, operators can easily spot previously invisible contaminants, ensuring a thorough cleaning process. 

MiraWIPE®: The Perfect Companion

MiraWIPE® cleanroom microfiber wipers complement the PolyCHECK® system impeccably. Their precision-engineered design ensures exceptional cleaning performance. These abrasion-resistant, lint-free wipers are created with the specific demands of cleanroom environments in mind. However, as studies conducted at multiple orthopedic manufacturing facilities have shown, even seemingly lint-free wipers can be a significant source of contamination.

PolyCHECK® and MiraWIPE®: A Winning Combination

The synergy between Foamtec’s PolyCHECK® system and MiraWIPE® cleanroom wipers is a game-changer in orthopedic implant manufacturing. Here’s how this combination works:

  1. Identifying Previously Hidden Contaminants: PolyCHECK® reveals contaminants that were once difficult to detect due to their white or opaque color. The black inspection wiper highlights these contaminants under UV light.
  2. Ensuring Impeccable Cleanliness: MiraWIPE® microfiber wipers are designed to be lint-free and effective in cleanroom environments. When used with the PolyCHECK® system, they help ensure the entire cleaning process is thorough and successful.
  3. Cost Savings and Reputation Protection: By eliminating contaminants, this powerful combination reduces rework, rejection rates, and the associated costs. It also protects the reputation of orthopedic implant manufacturers by ensuring the delivery of consistently clean and safe products.


In the world of orthopedic implant manufacturing, cleanliness is non-negotiable. Foamtec’s PolyCHECK® particle identification system, combined with MiraWIPE® cleanroom microfiber wipers, offers an innovative solution to the persistent challenge of foreign material contamination. With the ability to detect hidden contaminants and ensure impeccable cleanliness, this combination saves costs and safeguards the well-being of patients who rely on these life-changing implants. In an industry where precision is paramount, PolyCHECK® and MiraWIPE® are the trusted partners manufacturers need to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

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