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Environmental Constraints for the Semiconductor Industry are only Increasing

by | Feb 15, 2017

Complying with EPA New Source Requirements(NSR) make Investing in new wafer fabs or expanding existing sites more costly and complicated.


As the following link makes clear plant expansions in non-attainment areas are even more complicated.

To quote from the document:

The terms “RACT,” “BACT,” and “LAER” are acronyms for different program requirements under the NSR program.

RACT, or Reasonably Available Control Technology, is required on existing sources in areas that are not meeting national ambient air quality standards (i.e., non-attainment areas). BACT, or Best Available Control Technology, is required on major new or modified sources in clean areas (i.e., attainment areas).

LAER, or Lowest Achievable Emission Rate, is required on major new or modified sources in non-attainment areas.

While there are many sources of air pollutants that are emitted from wafer fabs a major pollution source is IPA soaked wipers. Cleanroom wipers either presaturated with IPA or wetted via squirt bottles are major source of VOC fugitive emissions. While some cleaning procedures can be accomplished with blends of water and IPA most require 100% IPA to produce clean dry surfaces. Depending on the size of the wafer fab, IPA wipers generate 5-30 tons of fugitive VOC emissions per year.

In order to help wafer fabs achieve a step change reduction in VOC fugitive emissions Foamtec has introduced the first cleanroom wiper pre-saturated with 100% Ultrapure water. MiraSAT®, due to its unique woven microfiber construction offers IPA like cleaning without all the VOC’s enabling tighter compliance with EPA and air quality control district air permits.




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