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Foamtec Develops Alternatives for HFE Solvents: Diamond ScrubPADS & MiraWIPE Maximize Uptime for LAM, AMAT & TEL Plasma Etch Tools

by | Jun 10, 2024

The relentless pursuit of more advanced chips drives innovation in the semiconductor industry. One crucial step in chip fabrication is plasma etching, where precise material removal creates intricate circuit patterns. However, this process generates process byproducts that stubbornly adhere to process chambers, requiring high-performance wet-clean BKMs.

Cleaning plasma etch chambers traditionally involves solvents like hydrofluoroethers (HFEs), which fabs try to remove for EHS purposes. While effective, these solvents raise safety and environmental concerns. Additionally, using HFEs is very expensive, increasing the cost of ownership for LAM, AMAT, and TEL tools.

Foamtec’s BKM: Engineered for Maximum Uptime

Foamtec, a trusted partner for semiconductor industry engineers, has developed the BKM (Best Known Method) to help maximize the uptime of your valuable LAM, AMAT, and TEL plasma etch tools. At the heart of this method lies the Diamond ScrubPADS and MiraWIPE system, which offers a revolutionary approach to plasma etch chamber cleaning that eliminates the need for HFE solvents.



Diamond ScrubPADS: Power Meets Precision

Featuring a unique surface texture, Diamond ScrubPADS delivers exceptional cleaning performance. These ultra-durable pads effectively remove hardened residue quickly without relying on harsh chemicals, a significant advantage over traditional methods.



MiraWIPE: Capturing the Contaminants

MiraWIPE perfectly complements Diamond ScrubPADS, our high-absorbency microfiber wipers. These wipes excel at capturing and safely removing the dislodged residue generated by the Diamond ScrubPADS. This dynamic duo minimizes cleaning passes and ensures a thorough clean with every swipe.

Benefits for LAM, AMAT & TEL Engineers:

  • Clean with Water: This will eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, promote a safer work environment, reduce environmental impact, and potentially simplify waste disposal processes.
  • First-Pass Quality: Our system’s effectiveness in removing process byproducts and particulates from tool surfaces has led to a higher first-pass qualification rate and faster chamber turnaround times. This translates to increased production efficiency and reduced downtime, allowing you to quickly get your LAM, AMAT, and TEL tools back online.
  • Reduced Costs: Minimize reliance on expensive HFE solvents and optimize chamber utilization for improved production efficiency. Diamond ScrubPADS and MiraWIPE offer a compelling cost-saving alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

A Cleaner, More Efficient Future for Your Tools:

Foamtec’s Diamond ScrubPADS and MiraWIPE system, supported by the BKM, represents a significant leap forward in plasma etch chamber cleaning for engineers working with LAM, AMAT, and TEL tools. By leveraging innovative materials and design, we offer a solution that is as effective as safe and sustainable and maximizes your tool uptime.

Ready to Unlock Maximum Uptime?

Contact Foamtec today to learn how Diamond ScrubPADS and MiraWIPE can revolutionize your cleanroom cleaning processes and contribute to a cleaner, more efficient future for your LAM, AMAT, and TEL tools.