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Foamtec International’s Journey Towards a Greener Future

by | Nov 29, 2023


In a world increasingly conscious of its carbon footprint, Foamtec International has emerged as a leading example of how companies can adopt sustainable practices. Their recent initiatives in reducing carbon emissions not only contribute to environmental preservation but also showcase a commitment to corporate responsibility and innovation.

Solar Roof Project: A Ray of Sustainable Energy

Foamtec’s installation of solar roof panels is a significant stride in their green journey. From March to October 2023, this project has yielded impressive results:

Electricity Savings: The solar roof has generated a total of 269,350 kWh in just eight months, leading to a 39% reduction in electricity consumption.

Cost and Environmental Benefits: This initiative has saved an estimated $60,000 in the first year and reduced CO2 emissions by 120,130 kg.

ROI and Long-term Impact: With a return on investment period of six years, the project demonstrates Foamtec’s dedication to long-term sustainability. The CO2 reduction is equivalent to the absorption capacity of 1,072 trees per month.

Recycled Water System: An Upcoming Leap

Foamtec is not stopping at solar energy. Their upcoming project involves a recycled water system, which is anticipated to further reduce their environmental impact:

Project Cost and Savings: The system will cost $88K, but it’s expected to save $25.5K annually.

Efficient ROI: With a return on investment in just 3.5 years, this project highlights Foamtec’s efficient use of resources and financial foresight.


Foamtec International’s initiatives in reducing our carbon footprint are commendable examples of how companies can positively impact the environment. Their solar roof and upcoming recycled water system project are testaments to their commitment to sustainable development. As they continue on this green path, Foamtec sets a benchmark for others in the industry, proving that environmental responsibility and business success can go hand in hand.