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Foamtec’s Custom Foam Manufacturing: A Game-Changer for High-Purity Applications

by | Apr 21, 2023

Foamtec International has established itself as a leading name in high-purity foam manufacturing, catering to the unique needs of industries such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and optics. By integrating fabrication, assembly, cleanroom washing, and cleanroom packing on one campus, Foamtec ensures material traceability and the highest purity standards. This blog post highlights Foamtec’s custom foam manufacturing capabilities and how their commitment to cleanliness and precision makes them the ideal choice for demanding applications.

Integrated Capabilities for Unrivaled Quality

  1. Wide Range of Foam Materials

Foamtec’s ability to produce a variety of foam materials, including open-cell hydrophobic, hydrophilic foams, polyester, and polyether foams, makes them suitable for diverse applications. Their expertise in meeting tight tolerances for porosity, density, and durometer (CLD) allows them to create products such as medical and cleanroom applicators, filters, cushioning devices, ultra-clean packaging, and automated cleaning rollers, sponges, and roll wipers.

2. Cleanroom Laundering

To eliminate particles generated during fabrication and assembly, Foamtec can launder components in ISO 5, 7, or 8 cleanrooms. Their WCC division fabricates and launders over 100 million open-cell polyurethane foam components per month, ensuring top-notch cleanliness and quality.

3. On-site Testing Labs

Foamtec’s in-house microbiology and chemical testing labs certify that components meet particle and extractable cleanliness, bioburden, and ISO 10993 cytotoxicity and endotoxin requirements. Their labs are certified to ISO IEC 17025, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality assurance.

4. Compliance and Certification

The Foamtec facility is FDA registered and operates with an ISO 13485 quality system, ensuring that their products meet strict standards required by medical device, pharmaceutical, and other high-purity industries.

The Foamtec Advantage

Foamtec’s reputation for cleanliness and precision fabrication has made them the go-to choice for leading semiconductor wafer fabs, equipment makers, medical device, optical component, aerospace, and microelectronic companies. By offering customized foam solutions and maintaining strict quality control, Foamtec continues to set new standards in high-purity foam manufacturing.


Foamtec International’s commitment to quality and attention to detail has made them a trusted partner for high-purity applications across various industries. Their vertically integrated approach, combined with a range of foam materials, cleanroom laundering capabilities, and on-site testing labs, ensures that their products meet the most stringent requirements. If your business operates in the medical device, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, optical, or microelectronic industries, Foamtec’s custom foam manufacturing solutions can help you maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and quality.

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