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Foamtec’s MiraSAT Presaturated Cleanroom Wipers: The Solution to VOC Reduction in Wafer Fabs

by | Oct 30, 2023

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In the world of semiconductor manufacturing, maintaining a clean and contamination-free environment is crucial to ensure the quality and performance of the fabricated wafers. One significant challenge faced by wafer fabs is the presence of airborne molecular contamination (AMC), which can adversely impact production processes. However, Foamtec’s innovative MiraSAT Presaturated Cleanroom Wipers have emerged as a game-changer for reducing VOC levels and addressing AMC issues in the fab.

Reducing VOC Levels:
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a major source of airborne molecular contamination, posing a threat to the sensitive manufacturing processes in wafer fabs. By introducing MiraSAT, Foamtec has provided wafer fabs with a powerful tool to combat this problem. These cleanroom wipers are available in three variants: pre-wetted with 100% ultra-pure water, 10% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), and 70% IPA. This versatility allows wafer fabs to choose the right option based on their specific requirements.

Replacing 100% IPA Wetted Wipers:
With the rise of sub 28 nm fabs, the need to find alternatives to 100% IPA wetted wipers during preventive maintenance (PM) has become crucial. Foamtec’s MiraSAT cleanroom wipers have proven to be a reliable solution in this regard. By utilizing MiraSAT wipers, sub 28 nm fabs have successfully reduced VOCs generated during wet cleans by over 60%. This breakthrough has not only improved the air quality within the fab but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Super Absorbent Microfiber Fabric:
An exceptional feature of MiraSAT cleanroom wipers is the use of super-absorbent microfiber fabric. This unique fabric ensures that even when wetted with 100% water, the wipers leave vacuum chambers dry. This eliminates concerns about pump downtime and allows for uninterrupted production processes. The superior absorbency of the microfiber fabric enhances the cleaning efficiency, leading to a more productive and reliable wafer fabrication environment.

Foamtec’s MiraSAT Presaturated Cleanroom Wipers have revolutionized the way wafer fabs tackle VOC reduction and AMC issues. By offering pre-wetted options with ultra-pure water as well as varying concentrations of IPA, these wipers provide flexibility to meet specific cleaning requirements. The ability of MiraSAT wipers to replace 100% IPA wetted wipers during preventive maintenance has significantly reduced VOCs generated during wet cleans. Additionally, the super absorbent microfiber fabric ensures vacuum chambers remain dry, eliminating concerns about pump downtime. With MiraSAT, Foamtec has empowered wafer fabs with an effective solution to maintain a cleaner, safer, and more efficient manufacturing environment.

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