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Foamtec’s UltraSORB: The Ultimate Solution for Lint-Free and Highly Absorbent Cleanroom Cleaning

by | Sep 22, 2023


Cleanrooms are critical environments where precision and cleanliness are of utmost importance. However, cleanroom operators often face a dilemma when selecting cleaning materials that provide liquid absorbency and lint-free performance. Traditional fabric wipers rely on absorbency from high surface area but tend to shed particles, making them unsuitable for these demanding applications. Enter Foamtec’s UltraSORB absorbent sponge wiper – a game-changer in cleanroom cleaning.

The Absorbency vs. Cleanliness Dilemma

Cleanroom operators have long grappled with balancing absorbency and cleanliness in their cleaning materials. Traditional fabric wipers have relied on high surface area to provide excellent liquid absorbency. Still, they often incorporate cellulose into their fabric, compromising their particle-shedding performance. This can be problematic in cleanroom environments where lint and particles must be meticulously avoided.

UltraSORB: A Revolutionary Solution

Foamtec’s UltraSORB stands out as a highly absorbent sponge wiper that has redefined cleanroom cleaning. Its unique 12-sided interconnected pore structure sets it apart, which provides exceptional liquid absorbency and delivers very high abrasion resistance. This combination of features makes UltraSORB the go-to choice for cleaning applications that involve saline solutions, conductive ink, silicone, and water-based cleaners in cleanrooms where lint and particles must be avoided.

Key Features of UltraSORB

  1. High Absorbency: UltraSORB’ s 12-sided interconnected pore structure allows it to absorb liquids efficiently, ensuring no spills or residues are left behind.
  2. Lint-Free Cleaning: Unlike traditional fabric wipers, UltraSORB excels in particle-shedding performance, guaranteeing a lint-free cleanroom environment.
  3. Abrasion Resistance: The sponge wiper’s robust design makes it highly resistant to abrasion, ensuring its longevity in challenging cleaning tasks.
  4. Manufacturing Excellence: UltraSORB is produced in an FDA-regulated ISO 13485 facility, adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry.
  5. Cleanroom Packaging: It is cleaned and packed in an ISO 7 cleanroom environment, maintaining purity until it reaches the end user.
  6. Certified Safety: UltraSORB is certified to pass ISO 10993 cytotoxicity and pyrogen tests, ensuring that it poses no risk to sensitive cleanroom operations.
  7. Chemical Compatibility: This sponge wiper is compatible with various cleaning solvents such as IPA, Toluene, Hexane, and Xylene, making it versatile for solvent-based cleaning applications.

Applications of UltraSORB

  1. Electronics Manufacturing: UltraSORB is perfect for cleaning screen printable inks, solder paste, and flux, ensuring components remain free from contaminants affecting their performance.
  2. Medical Device Manufacturing: The sponge wiper’s compatibility with ISO 10993 standards makes it ideal for cleaning medical devices and equipment in ISO 7 environments.
  3. LSR and Silicone manufacturing: UltraSORB’s absorbency, biocompatibility, and 100% lint-free construction make it ideal for cleaning silicone RTV, dispersions HCR, and LSR elastomers, all of which are highly susceptible to particle contamination.


Foamtec’s UltraSORB absorbent sponge wiper is a true game-changer in cleanroom cleaning. By addressing the age-old dilemma of choosing between absorbency and cleanliness, UltraSORB offers cleanroom operators a versatile solution that excels in liquid and lint-free cleaning performance. Its unique pore structure, manufacturing excellence, safety certifications, and chemical compatibility make it the top choice for cleanrooms where precision and cleanliness are non-negotiable. With UltraSORB, cleanroom operators can now achieve the perfect balance between absorbency and cleanliness, ensuring the highest level of performance in their critical environments.

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