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Unveiling the Secret Weapon for GMP Compliance: How Foamtec’s Sahara Plus System Slashes Costs and Exceeds Annex 1 Requirements

by | Feb 16, 2024

As GMP facilities strive to comply with the rigorous requirements outlined in Annex 1, the challenge of balancing costs with compliance has never been more pressing. Traditional cleaning methods often demand substantial labor, time, and consumable resources, placing a significant burden on housekeeping staff and budget allocations. However, with Foamtec’s Sahara Plus system, GMP facilities can achieve unparalleled efficiency while meeting and even surpassing Annex 1 requirements.

Efficiency Redefined

The Sahara Plus system introduces a two-step cleaning process that revolutionizes traditional methods, offering remarkable efficiency gains:

Up to 50% Reduction in Labor Time: By streamlining the cleaning process into two efficient steps, Sahara Plus significantly reduces the time and effort required for cleaning tasks. This not only alleviates the burden on housekeeping staff but also enhances overall productivity within the facility.

Up to 50% Fewer Wipers: The innovative design of Sahara Plus ensures effective residue removal with fewer wipes, minimizing consumable use and potentially lowering costs associated with cleaning operations. This translates to significant savings without compromising on cleanliness standards.

Responsible Chemical Use

Beyond efficiency gains, Sahara Plus prioritizes responsible chemical usage, further enhancing its appeal to GMP facilities:

The Sahara foam wiper is adept at loosening residues using either water or 70% IPA, providing flexibility in cleaning protocols while ensuring effective residue removal.

With residue effectively loosened, the MiraWIPE, coupled with 50% less 70% IPA, effortlessly leaves surfaces streak-free, optimizing cleaning outcomes without excessive chemical use.

Production-Proven Solution

In conclusion, Sahara Plus isn’t just about meeting Annex 1 requirements; it’s about exceeding them. This production-proven solution empowers GMP facilities to achieve a new standard of cleaning efficacy while safeguarding product integrity and optimizing cleaning efficiency. With Sahara Plus, significant cost, time, and labor savings are within reach, enabling GMP facilities to thrive in an increasingly demanding regulatory landscape without compromising on quality or compliance.

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