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Highly Absorbent Cleanroom Foam Swabs Improving the Cleaning of Optical Lenses

by | Mar 28, 2023

When manufacturing precision optical lenses, achieving high productivity and quality is crucial. Before being coated, these lenses must undergo polishing to ensure they are free of any particles or stains that could impact the final product’s quality. Traditional foam swabs were used for cleaning in the past, but they often did not possess the necessary absorbency properties to remove sticky particles and stains. Additionally, cotton swabs could leave tiny particles behind that would ruin the post-polish coating operations. However, with Foamtec’s UltraSOLV hydrophilic foam swabs, manufacturers can achieve a new level of productivity and quality.

The UltraSOLV foam swabs are the ideal combination of cotton’s absorbency and the foam’s cleanliness. These swabs are specifically designed for cleaning optics and have been processed and laundered in an ISO 5 cleanroom to ensure they are free of particles and residues that could harm the delicate lenses. The UltraSOLV foam swabs have a hydrophilic nature, meaning they have a high affinity for water-based cleaning fluids, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning of the lenses. Furthermore, they can also be used with solvent-based cleaning fluids, offering flexibility to manufacturers.

The UltraSOLV foam swabs’ absorbency allows quick and efficient removal of particles and stains from the lenses, ensuring a high-quality finished product. These swabs’ absorbency is also essential when using water or solvent-based cleaning fluids, as they allow for the effective transfer of the cleaning fluid to the lens surface. Moreover, their hydrophilic nature ensures they do not leave any fibers or particles behind, making them an excellent choice for cleaning precision optical lenses.

In conclusion, the Foamtec UltraSOLV hydrophilic foam swabs are a game-changer for manufacturing precision optical lenses. Their absorbency and cleanliness properties make them an ideal choice for cleaning, and their hydrophilic nature ensures they are compatible with water- and solvent-based cleaning fluids. With their ability to remove particles and stains quickly and efficiently, these swabs can help manufacturers achieve a new level of productivity and quality.

UltraSOLV Foam Swabs

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