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Highly Absorbent Cleanroom Swabs for Medical Device Manufacturing

by | Feb 17, 2023

In the world of medical device manufacturing, contamination control is a top priority. Any particles or debris (FM)  that make their way onto a medical device could lead to significant complications or even infections in patients. To prevent this, manufacturers employ various cleaning techniques, including swabs, to remove excess materials and particles from implantable devices. While swabs made from 100ppi reticulated polyurethane foam are a standard tool for these cleaning applications, they may only sometimes provide enough absorbency. In such cases device engineers have turned to cotton swabs for cleaning or application tasks requiring liquid holding or high absorbency. However, the use of cotton swabs poses a significant risk of particle contamination, which could lead to product rejection and the need for reworking.

To address this issue, Foamtec International has developed the UltraSOLV line of hydrophilic foam swabs. UltraSOLV swabs offer the same excellent particle removal properties as standard foam swabs but are much more efficient at removing or applying aqueous-based solutions. This increased absorbency and liquid-holding capacity makes them an ideal tool for cleaning and application tasks in medical device manufacturing facilities.

By using UltraSOLV swabs, manufacturers can reduce the risk of particle contamination and improve overall product quality. This helps prevent device rejects and saves time and money by reducing the need for product reworking. In addition to their superior absorbency, UltraSOLV swabs are manufactured in an ISO 5 cleanroom to provide particle and lint-free performance. This makes them an ideal tool for use in cleanrooms and other controlled environments.

In conclusion, Foamtec International’s UltraSOLV swabs are a game-changer for medical device manufacturing facilities. By offering increased absorbency and liquid-holding capacity, as well as reduced risk of particle contamination and fiber shedding, they can significantly enhance contamination control in these critical environments. To learn more about UltraSOLV swabs and how they can benefit your facility, visit Foamtec International’s website today.

UltraSOLV Swabs