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How to Choose the Right Cleanroom Mop for GMP Cleaning SOP’s

by | Jan 10, 2023

PharmaMOP GO’s light weight design, greatly eases thorough cleaning for hard-to-reach walls and ceilings.

When it comes to selecting a cleanroom mop for use in GMP cleanrooms, there are several key considerations that need to be considered. These include:

  1. Disinfectant residues: One of the main considerations when selecting a cleanroom mop is the ability to easily clean off disinfectant residues. This is important because Annex 1 regulations now require the removal of disinfectants in GMP cleanrooms.
  2. Fiber shedding: Since fibers are a major source of contamination, it is important to select a cleanroom mop that is manufactured in a cleanroom environment, with materials that have high resistance to abrasion and compatibility with disinfectants to avoid generating fibers during mopping SOP’s.
  3. Multi-Surface Cleaning: Given the need to clean floors, walls, ceilings and equipment, a mop should be lightweight, while offering dexterity to the operator. Choosing a mop that is able to clean multiple surfaces has a huge advantage in saving time and improving cleanliness.
  4. Ergonomic strain: Mopping can place a significant ergonomic strain on operators, particularly when using heavy mops. Choosing a lightweight mop that is easy to manipulate can help reduce the strain on operators and make cleaning and disinfection SOPs more uniformly implemented.
  5. Gamma irradiated mop heads: To maintain the highest levels of particle cleanliness, it is important to use mop heads that have been gamma irradiated with an SAL of 10e-6. This ensures that the mop heads have been properly sterilized and will not compromise the cleanliness of the cleanroom.
  6. Contact time: Selecting a mop that uniformly applies disinfectants and sporicides without dripping will greatly enhance environmental monitoring results.

Overall, when selecting a cleanroom mop for use in GMP cleanrooms, it is important to consider factors such as disinfectant residues, fiber shedding, multi-surface cleaning, ergonomic strain, gamma irradiated mop heads and contact times. By taking these considerations into account, you can ensure that your cleanroom mop is suitable for use in a GMP environment and helps to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and compliance.

PharmaMOP GO Mop Heads wetted with 70% IPA easily removes chloride-based disinfectants greatly reducing rust and rouge formation on 304/316 Stainless Steel Equipment.

The PharmaMOP GO cleanroom mop system is designed to help GMP facilities meet the latest EU GMP Annex 1 regulations by enabling single-step cleaning and disinfection procedures. It combines scrubbing and soil removal with the application of disinfectant cleaning agents, resulting in significantly improved visual cleanliness for cleanroom floors, walls, ceilings, and windows. The hands-free, lightweight design of the system makes it easy to use and increases cleaning efficiency, while also reducing the workload of cleanroom housekeeping staff by eliminating the need to manually change mop heads. The system is compatible with both single-use and reusable cleaning and disinfection procedures.

The Sahara+ PharmaMOP GO mop head enhances rinsing SOP’s because it enables the complete removal of Spor-Klenz® and other sporicides from cleanroom surfaces when wetted with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

The PharmaMOP GO Sahara+ mop heads feature a unique cleaning surface made of two Sahara foam scrubbing strips attached to a ribbed microfiber/polyester fabric with an absorbent foam layer enclosed between a polyester backing. This design allows the mop heads to scrub and trap soils and residues while applying fresh disinfectant or sporicidal agents. The encased foam layer ensures that fluids are evenly applied to meet disinfectant contact time requirements. These mop heads have been tested in production settings and found to reduce viable and non-viable particle counts.

The PharmaMOP GO System is ideal for rinsing windows of disinfectant residues.

The PharmaMOP GO system is compatible with a variety of disinfectants and cleaners, including quats, hypochlorite, peroxide, peracetic acid, phenolic, and IPA-based products.

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