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How to Clean and Dry USP Platinum Cured Silicone Hoses for Pharmaceutical Processing

by | Oct 20, 2022

Since the 1950s, silicones have been one of the materials with the most extensive testing for usage in medical applications. Pt-catalyzed silicone tubing has several benefits, including intrinsic purity, elasticity, and simplicity of sterilizing. Furthermore, silicone materials have no negative impacts on human health and are inert and biocompatible. Silicone tubing is an excellent option for pharma and biopharma processes because of its resilience, kink resistance, and pressure resistance.

Cleaning and maintaining these hoses are somewhat cumbersome due to the long length and small diameter. Currently, most facilities flush the tubing with hot water and detergent. However, the tubing may absorb synthetic detergents or oil-based soaps and then leach out into the fluid. This is not ideal, as rinsing products that coat and harden the ID of the tube can leave process residue within the tubing.

Foamtec has developed the ErgoSCRUB® Swab system that can be flushed, hand scrubbed or pulled through the hose’s ID. ErgoSCRUB swabs with UltraSORB or MiraWIPE are ideal for delivering clean, dried sanitary hosing back to production.

Like washing dishes, a better way to clean is to introduce a mechanical tool that can scrub the entire inner surface area to remove any hardened residue. In addition, thoroughly drying the hose after cleaning is necessary to prevent microbial growth. 

ErgoSCRUB Swabs are designed to address cleaning applications that present ergonomic, operator safety, or cleaning accessibility issues in recessed areas. ErgoSCRUB® Swabs are constructed with replaceable Sahara® Scrubbing Foam, UltraSORB Foam Tips and MiraWIPE over foam with reusable plastic handles. ErgoSCRUB® Swabs enable faster turnover time and scratch-free cleaning of expensive USP flexible hoses, tablet presses, tablet coating, three roll mills, and blending equipment. The scratch-free scrubbing properties of the Sahara® Scrubbing Foam and UltraSORB+ Foam enable the removal of sticky and hardened Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and excipient residues on scratch-sensitive equipment.

ErgoSCRUB® Swab tips are validated to offer the cleaning performance of nylon brushes with stainless steel handles while eliminating metallic particle generation and scratch damage. The swabs provide complete contact with hard-to-reach areas, such as USP flexible hoses to deliver superior cleanliness results by dislodging, entrapping, and removing contamination. All ErgoSCRUB® Swabs are manufactured in an ISO 13485 cleanroom and are compatible with ISO 5-9 cleanrooms. All components are tested and certified ISO 10993 biocompatible.

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