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Achieving Flawless Optics in LSR Molding: How Foamtec’s Cleaning Solutions Can Help

by | Feb 14, 2024

The Challenge of Conventional Cleaning Methods

Optically clear LSR molding demands rigorous cleanliness standards. Even microscopic scratches or particles on the cold deck can compromise the final product’s optical quality, leading to costly rejects and rework. Traditional cleaning methods for cold decks often involve wire brushes, commercial scrubbers, and “lint-free” cloths, which can scratch and contaminate delicate surfaces. These methods can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and pose safety risks. Additionally, incomplete cleaning can leave residue, further jeopardizing optical clarity.

The Foamtec Advantage

Foamtec’s Sahara+ system and MiraSWABS address these challenges head-on:

Sahara+ Cleaning System:

    • This innovative system employs a two-step wiping process.
    • First, a non-abrasive scrubbing foam, proven to eliminate scratches on soft metals like aluminum, lifts and loosens contaminants.
    • Then, the industry-leading MiraWIPE microfiber wipers and swabs capture and remove loosened residues.
    • The Sahara sponge foam’s unique conformability to complex geometries eliminates the need for risky wire brushes, further safeguarding surfaces.


Introducing MiraWIPE

MiraWIPE revolutionizes the cleaning process with its unique fabric design. Here’s how it tackles contamination:

Softness and Absorbency:

    • The fabric’s soft texture ensures gentle contact with delicate LSR cold deck surfaces.
    • Its high absorbency capacity allows it to capture contaminants effectively without aggressive scrubbing.

Abrasion Resistance:

    • Unlike abrasive cloths or wire brushes, MiraWIPE won’t scratch or damage the surface.
    • The fabric’s resilience ensures longevity, making it a reliable choice for repetitive cleaning tasks.

Contaminant Extraction from Surface Grain:

    • MiraWIPES microfiber fabric penetrates the grain of the surface, reaching even hidden contamination.
    • It lifts particles, oils, and residues, leaving the surface pristine and ready for production.

No Fiber Residue Left Behind:

    • MiraWIPES lint-free composition ensures that no fibers remain on the surface.
    • This eliminates the risk of secondary contamination and maintains optical clarity.


    • These unique swabs feature a dual-layer design with a microfiber fabric tip laminated over cleanroom foam.
    • The microfiber excels at trapping contaminants, while the foam provides a soft, cushioning surface that prevents scratches.
    • MiraSWABS are also solvent-resistant and lint-free, further minimizing the risk of contamination.

Benefits for LSR Molders

Improved Optical Quality:

    • Foamtec’s cleaning solutions ensure exceptional optical quality by eliminating scratches and minimizing particle entrapment.
    • Technicians can clean cold decks quickly, thoroughly, and without the risk of scratching, leading to production efficiency and cost savings.
    • Reduced Rejects and Rework: Consistent cleaning quality minimizes the risk of defects, reducing costly rejects and rework, thereby boosting production efficiency and profitability


Foamtec’s Sahara+ cleaning system and MiraSWABS offer a game-changing solution for LSR molders seeking to achieve exceptional optical quality, boost productivity, and ensure operator safety. By providing a gentle yet powerful and efficient cleaning process; these innovative tools can significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of your LSR molding operations.