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How to Clean Sanitary Hose Internal Dimension

by | Dec 14, 2021

Sanitary hose cleanliness is essential in ensuring the quality and purity of liquid and solid-dose pharmaceutical products. Flushing the hose with detergent and rinse water for many products can be an effective cleaning method. However, for products that coat and harden the ID of the tube, mechanical cleaning is a desirable part of the cleaning process.

Especially for sanitary hoses employed with incompatible materials, mechanical cleaning is required to remove product residue from the hose ID altogether.

The problem with mechanical cleaning is the lengthy cleaning times and scratch damage to the hose.

To increase cleaning productivity and protect USP sanitary hose from scratch damage Foamtec has developed ErgoSCRUB swabs constructed from Sahara foam.

As the video in the link below demonstrates, ErgoSCRUB swabs are compatible with various cleaning procedures. ErgoSCRUB with Sahara Scrubbing Foam is ideal for scratch-free scrubbing of hardened, sticky residues.

How to Clean Sanitary Hose Internal Dimension [Video]

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