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How to clean stainless steel carts and cartwheels in Your GMP Cleanroom (Without Breaking the Bank)

by | Mar 20, 2024

In GMP cleanrooms, stainless steel carts and cartwheels can harbor and transfer both viable and nonviable particles. Stainless steel carts, the workhorses of material transport, are notorious for accumulating disinfectant and sporicide residues. Cartwheels, given their contact with the floor and movement, are especially a concern for contamination, jeopardizing the quality and safety of your products.

The Challenge: Deep Cleaning vs. Replacing Carts – Striking a Balance

Traditional cleaning methods for heavily soiled carts often present a double-edged sword. Here’s why:

  • The Pitfalls of Traditional Methods:  Many cleaning protocols rely on abrasive tools like Scotch-Brite pads and wire brushes. While they may seem adequate initially, these methods generate particles and can scratch the stainless steel surface. Scratches create crevices where contaminants and rust can take hold, ultimately worsening the situation.
  • The Replacement Trap: When faced with heavily soiled carts, some facilities consider replacing them altogether. This might seem like the easiest solution, but it’s costly. New carts require requalification, adding another layer of complexity and expense.

The Solution: The PneuSCRUB + Sahara Pad Power Duo – Cleanliness Without the High Costs

Foamtec’s innovative PneuSCRUB system offers a revolutionary approach to cleaning stainless steel carts in GMP cleanrooms. Here’s how this dynamic duo tackles even the toughest grime:

  • PneuSCRUB: The Ergonomic Powerhouse Developed for ISO Class 1 Cleanroom: This pneumatic polishing tool was specifically designed for the stringent requirements of ISO Class 1 cleanroom, commonly found in wafer fabrication facilities. Its ergonomic design minimizes fatigue for your staff, allowing them to clean more efficiently and comfortably. PneuSCRUB is a testament to Foamtec’s commitment to providing innovative cleaning solutions for the most critical environments.
  • Sahara Buffing Pad: The Gentle Giant – Step 1 of the Cleaning Process: Don’t let the name fool you – the Sahara pad is a powerful cleaning tool designed for cleanroom use. Made from a non-shedding foam material, it effortlessly conforms to the cart’s irregular surfaces, including those pesky cartwheels. This superior conformability ensures a deep clean that reaches into every nook and cranny, dislodging even the most stubborn disinfectant and sporicide residues – all without scratching the delicate stainless steel surface. The Sahara pad acts as the first step in a two-step cleaning process.

Why Clean Carts Matter: Material Transfer and the Contamination Risk

Cleanroom carts are the backbone of material movement within a GMP facility. They transport vital materials throughout production, from raw ingredients to finished products. Unfortunately, material transfer areas are consistently highlighted in contamination control risk assessments as high-risk zones.

Contaminated carts can act as silent carriers, transferring microscopic particles and residues from one area to another. This unseen transfer can pose a severe threat of cross-contamination, jeopardizing the entire manufacturing process and compromising the sterility of your products.

The PneuSCRUB + Sahara Pad Advantage: Economic Efficiency and a Final Clean with MiraWIPE

You achieve a deeper clean with less effort by leveraging the PneuSCRUB and Sahara pad system. This translates to:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: The PneuSCRUB’ S efficiency allows staff to clean carts faster, freeing up valuable time for other critical tasks.
  • Minimized Chemical Usage: The Sahara pad’s superior cleaning power often reduces the need for harsh chemicals, leading to cost savings and a safer work environment.
  • Extended Cart Lifespan: Gentle yet effective cleaning prevents surface damage, extending the lifespan of your valuable carts and eliminating the need for frequent, expensive replacements.

Step 2: Final Clean with MiraWIPE

Following the initial dislodging of contaminants by the PneuSCRUB and Sahara pad, the second step of this cleaning process involves a final wipe-down with MiraWIPE cleanroom microfiber wipes. These ultra-absorbent wipes are designed to capture and remove loosened disinfectant residues, ensuring a spotless and contamination-free finish for your stainless steel carts.


Don’t let dirty cartwheels derail your GMP operations. Implement a cleaning regimen that utilizes the PneuSCRUB, Sahara pad, and final wipe-down with MiraWIPE to achieve superior cleanliness for your stainless steel carts. This approach is far more cost-effective than constantly replacing carts while safeguarding your products’ integrity. 

Explore the PneuSCRUB, Sahara Pad and MiraWIPE system today!

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