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How to Ensure the Cleanliness of High-purity Stainless Steel Tubing during the Chamfering Process

by | Apr 18, 2023

Cleanliness is a critical aspect of any manufacturing process, particularly in industries where high purity stainless steel tubing is utilized, such as in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and semiconductor industries. To maintain the highest level of cleanliness, the tubing must be chamfered before welding to ensure that there is a clean face for the welding process. However, the chamfering process can generate particles that may contaminate the tubing, which can have a significant impact on the overall quality of the product.

To address this issue, Foamtec has developed the UltraSOLV KiteTAIL swab, a solution that can significantly improve the cleanliness of chamfered high purity tubing. The UltraSOLV KiteTAIL swab is designed to be inserted into the tube so that the tip protects the length of the tube from particles generated during the chamfering operation. The swab handle is stiff enough so that the tip can be pushed out of the chamfered end, cleaning the tube prior to welding.

The use of UltraSOLV KiteTAIL swabs can offer several benefits to manufacturers who rely on high purity stainless steel tubing. Firstly, it can help to reduce the risk of contamination by removing any particles that may have been generated during the chamfering process. This can ensure that the welding process is completed with a clean surface, which can prevent issues such as corrosion and reduced product quality. Additionally, by utilizing the UltraSOLV KiteTAIL swab, manufacturers can improve the overall cleanliness of their production process, which can lead to fewer defects and higher quality products.

Another significant advantage of using the UltraSOLV KiteTAIL swab is that it can help to save time and improve efficiency. Without the use of the swab, manufacturers would need to clean the tubing manually, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. By using the swab, the cleaning process can be completed quickly and efficiently, reducing the time required to prepare the tubing for welding.

Overall, the UltraSOLV KiteTAIL swab is a valuable tool for manufacturers who rely on high purity stainless steel tubing in their production process. By using this swab, manufacturers can significantly improve the cleanliness of their tubing, reduce the risk of contamination, and save time and resources. Ultimately, this can lead to higher quality products and increased efficiency, making it an investment that can offer significant returns in the long run.

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