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How to Improve Cleaning SOPs for Cartwheels in Cleanrooms used to Develop and Manufacture Cell and Gene Therapies

by | Mar 9, 2023

Cleanrooms play a critical role in developing and manufacturing cell and gene therapies. These therapies involve complex processes that require a sterile and controlled environment to ensure safety and efficacy. One key aspect of contamination control in cleanrooms is thoroughly cleaning material handling carts, including their cartwheels. This blog will discuss the importance of cleaning cartwheels and how Foamtec’s Sahara+ cleaning system can greatly facilitate robust cartwheel cleaning SOPs.

Why Clean Cartwheels are Critical in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing.

Material handling carts are widely used in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, and their wheels are in direct contact with the floor. This means they can easily pick up and transfer contaminants from one cleanroom area to another, potentially causing cross-contamination. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the cartwheels thoroughly to prevent contamination from spreading.

Additionally, cartwheels have crevices or hard-to-reach areas where contaminants can accumulate, making it difficult to clean them effectively. If cartwheels are not cleaned thoroughly, it can compromise the entire cleanroom and ultimately impact the quality of the cell and gene therapies produced.

The Importance of Robust Cleaning SOPs for Cartwheels

To ensure the cartwheels are cleaned effectively, it is essential to have robust cleaning SOPs in place. These SOPs should cover all aspects of the cleaning process, including pre-cleaning inspections, cleaning techniques, and verification procedures to ensure that cartwheels are clean and ready for use.

Foamtec’s Sahara+ Cleaning System is an effective and efficient solution for cleaning cleanroom cartwheels. The system uses a specially designed cleanroom sponge wiper that is flexible enough to conform to the irregular surface, strong enough to resist shedding particulates when employed in heavy-duty cleaning and sufficiently absorbent to consistently deliver an adequate volume of disinfectant cleaners to the cartwheels. The Sahara cleaning sponge ensures that hard-to-reach surfaces are wetted and scrubbed, dislodging soil and residue buildup from the cartwheel. Once loosened, the contamination can be entrapped and removed by the MiraWIPE, returning the cartwheel to a pristine condition.

This system provides a consistent and repeatable cleaning process, making it ideal for use in cleanroom environments where consistency is critical.


Clean cartwheels are critical in the production of cell and gene therapies. Contamination control is paramount in cleanroom environments, and effective cleaning SOPs are essential to ensure that cartwheels are cleaned thoroughly. Foamtec’s Sahara+ Cleaning System is a practical tool that significantly facilitates robust cartwheel cleaning SOPs. By using these tools, GMP cleanrooms can reduce risks associated with contamination.

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