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How to Reduce PM Times and Improve Post PM Particle Levels in E-beam Evaporators

by | Jan 19, 2023

Electron-Beam evaporation (E-Beam evaporation) and Ion assisted e-beam evaporation are widely used techniques for depositing dense thin films or metals and dielectrics. However, to ensure high-purity films, it is essential to carefully consider the items used to perform preventative maintenance (PM) on the tool. Wet cleans are performed as process by-product builds up and flakes particles into the chamber. Wet cleans are also required when changing source materials. All tool surfaces coated with process by-product must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cross-contamination.

Currently, many research labs and wafer or optical fabs still use scrapers and Scotch-Brite™ to remove process residue from the tool. However, using these products can damage tool surfaces and release large metallic and fiber-based particles into the tool. Standard cleanroom wipers do not entrap and remove all the particles generated in the scrubbing process, which can lead to post-PM particle contamination. Additionally, the many recessed areas on the e-beam gun and substrate carrier can make cleaning difficult.

PneuSCRUB is a fab-safe pneumatic sanding tool for removing hard-to-remove process by-product from vacuum chambers.

To assist engineers and technicians looking to improve PM practices on evaporators, Foamtec International has developed the UltraSOLV chamber cleaning product line. This line includes cleanroom abrasives, tools to polish and clean recessed areas, and cleanroom microfiber fibers that thoroughly remove particles from the grains of metal tooling. These products have been production-proven in R&D and high-volume fabs to significantly reduce post-PM particle levels, impurities, green-to-green time, and technician time.

ScrubPADs enable technicians to eliminate the use of Scotch-Brite™ and scrapers.

Foamtec’s ScrubWRIGHT and ScrubBELTS are ideal for cleaning small, recessed areas on scratch-sensitive components.

Foamtec International’s UltraSOLV vacuum chamber cleaning products can significantly improve the cleaning and maintenance of e-beam evaporators. Not only do these products effectively remove process residue and particles, but they also protect the tool surfaces from damage and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. These products are valuable to any e-beam evaporation process, ensuring high-quality, pure films and reducing maintenance time and costs.

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