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Improving Metal Etch Preventative Maintenance (PM) Procedures by Reducing Corrosion Damage

by | Oct 23, 2020

Cleaning metal etch chambers is one of the most time-consuming and laborious PMs in wafer manufacturing fabs. Metal etch chamber cleaning requires hours of scrubbing while chemical reactions generate hazardous fumes and corrosive fluids throughout the PM. Maintenance personnel commonly use manually wetted polyester wipers to apply cleaning fluids to interact with process residuals on chamber surfaces. While this may be effective, it introduces a significant problem. Polyester wipers are non-absorbent, leading to dripping and pooling of corrosive fluids within the chamber. The excessive fluid application can add hours to base vacuum achievement, damage critical chamber components, and requires a significant number of wipers to remove pooled fluids and unnecessary contaminants or chamber wall staining.

Excessive fluid application can result in equipment hardware corrosion damage and unsightly staining which may become a contamination source
Uncontrolled fluid application during maintenance tasks can significantly increase degas durations, and lead to corrosion or early failure of critical high vacuum components

Foamtec International’s MiraSAT-EHS provides a solution for these commonly observed issues.

MiraSAT-EHS wipers are pre-saturated with an optimal amount of ultra-pure water straight from the package, and the absorbent microfiber wiper material efficiently wets chamber surfaces while eliminating excessive fluid application. Using MiraSAT-EHS in place of manually wetted polyester wipers improves fluid application allowing sufficient residual wetting and prevents corrosive fluids from pooling in the lower chamber and exhaust components. Elimination of excess corrosive fluid reduces risk of chamber damage, and the advanced microfiber wiper construction improves cleaning efficiency and reduces post PM base vacuum achievement durations. MiraSAT-EHS pre-saturated wipers improve chamber defect performance throughout lifecycles, significantly reduces wiper consumption, and reduces hazardous waste generation and disposal costs.

Please view the following video comparing Manually Wetted Polyester vs. MiraSAT-EHS Pre-Saturated Wiper post use water residual, and how Foamtec International’s MiraSAT products can help eliminate these common issues.  MiraSAT vs. Traditional Cleanroom Polyester Wipers

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