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Improving Precious Metal Recovery and Tool Maintenance in Wafer Fabs with Foamtec UltraSOLV Wipers

by | May 23, 2023


In the fast-paced world of semiconductor manufacturing, wafer fabs strive for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness while minimizing waste generation. Among the many challenges, recovering precious metals, maintaining low post-PM particle levels, and optimizing tool recovery in evaporators are critical. Traditional wipers, typically used once and disposed of, contribute to waste accumulation and increased recovery costs. However, Foamtec UltraSOLV wipers offer an innovative solution that enhances cleaning efficiency and revolutionizes the management of precious metal waste streams. This blog post explores how UltraSOLV wipers can significantly improve precious metal recovery, reduce waste, and enhance tool maintenance in wafer fabs.

Unleashing the Power of UltraSOLV Wipers

Foamtec’s UltraSOLV wipers are a breakthrough in cleaning technology. These wipers have become indispensable in the semiconductor industry with their super absorbent properties and exceptional particle removal capabilities. Unlike traditional wipers, disposed of after single use, UltraSOLV wipers can be rinsed and reused multiple times. This feature reduces the quantity of waste generated and enables the segregation of the precious metal waste stream.

Traditional cleanroom wipers generate significant quantities of spent wipers that require incineration to recover precious metals.

Efficient Cleaning and Maximizing Recovery

UltraSOLV wipers possess a unique open-pore foam construction for highly efficient cleaning. When used to wipe tool surfaces, the wipers effectively remove particles embedded in the equipment, improving post-PM particle levels. The sponge-like nature of the wipers facilitates thorough rinsing, maximizing the recovery of precious metals dislodged from the chamber during cleaning.

UltraSOLV’s Sponge like performance allows for rinsing and re-use and segregation of precious metals from solid waste streams.

A Sustainable Solution

Traditionally, precious metals recovered during cleaning would become bound within disposable wipers, necessitating incineration as the primary recovery method. However, with UltraSOLV wipers, a significant portion of the precious metal can be unloaded from the sponge-like wiper into a Fab hazmat bag and the cleaning solvent. This approach creates a suspension containing the precious metals, effectively segregating them from the solid waste stream.

Reduced Waste, Lower Recovery Costs

By segregating precious metal waste in a solution, the reliance on solid waste incineration is drastically reduced. UltraSOLV wipers can reduce solid waste incineration by 20-30 times compared to traditional wipers. This waste reduction contributes to a cleaner environment and significantly decreases recovery costs associated with incineration processes.


In wafer fabs, where efficiency and waste reduction are paramount, Foamtec UltraSOLV wipers offer a game-changing solution. These superabsorbent, highly effective wipers remove more precious metal particulate, improve precious metal recovery and post-PM particle levels, and enhance tool maintenance in PMs of evaporators. By enabling rinsing and reuse, UltraSOLV wipers revolutionize the way precious metal waste is managed, reducing reliance on solid waste incineration and resulting in substantial cost savings. With their unique open-pore foam construction, these wipers provide efficient cleaning and sponge-like rinsing, ensuring maximum recovery of precious metals. Implementing Foamtec UltraSOLV wipers in wafer fabs represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and cost-effective semiconductor manufacturing industry.

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