Biofilm Cleaning


Biofilm Cleaning is critical to controlling contamination in sterile clean rooms, API and insipient manufacturing areas. Biofilms form as a result of stubbornly adhered soil loads and disinfectant residues building up in critical areas. MiraWIPE® is a micro fiber wiper with unique scrubbing and absorbency properties that enable the removal and cleaning of difficult to wipe contamination.

MiraWIPE® prepares surfaces for disinfection by thoroughly removing API, disinfectant micro-organism and excipient residues.

MiraWIPE® is constructed from a continuous filament micro denier, bi-component polyester/nylon textile resulting in enhanced absorbency and contamination pickup versus traditional polyester wipers. Woven from an abrasion resistant fabric to minimize In-Use Particles from the face of the wiper. Sealed edge construction and proprietary washing process ensure compatibility with ISO Class 1 clean rooms.

MiraWIPE®'s non-symmetrical fiber structure allows it to scrub and remove API, microbial bio-films and sporicidal residues making it ideal for disinfection procedures.

Micro Fiber construction offers excellent cleaning efficiency allowing MiraWIPE® to remove trace disinfectant residues from Medical Device and Pharmaceutical cleanrooms. It is often said that without proper cleaning, disinfection is hard to achieve. MiraWIPE® offers unsurpassed cleaning allowing effective disinfection.

Nylon/Polyester engineered fibers and super strong sealed edge offer robust abrasion and tear qualities to prevent fiber generation when cleaning critical surfaces in isolators and filling machines.

MiraWIPES® are engineered to resist abrasion damage resulting in cleaner process tools.