CMP Slurry Cleaning


In chemical mechanical planarization tools such as AMAT Reflexion® and Mirra® MESA, cleaning dried, hardened slurry residual is critical in preventing micro-scratches and particle contamination issues. Foamtec has leveraged its deep understanding of polyurethane foam to develop Sahara wipers and scrubbing pads to remove hardened CMP slurry while eliminating scratch or abrasion damage to critical tool surfaces.

AMAT Reflexion® and Mirra® Mesa are registered trademarks of Applied Materials, Inc.


  • Fast, thorough cleaning of hardened CMP slurry from Chemical Mechanical Planarization tools, dramatically reduces downtime and the risk of micro-scratch defects.
  • Sahara pads fitted to PneuSCRUB cleanroom compliant pneumatic polishing tool enables hardened slurry residual to be removed during CMP pad changes to prevent slurry agglomeration.
  • Sahara + PharmaMOP GO Mopping System enables techs to quickly remove hardened CMP slurry from tool skins and floors for improved particle control in the module.
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