Reduce FM contamination in ISO 7/8 clean rooms

  • Cleanroom Wipers for Medical Device Manufacturing Facilities

Fiber Free Foam Construction Means Lint-Free Wiping

Despite medical devices being manufactured in ISO 7/8 cleanrooms, fibers and particulate matter(FM) is the leading cause of inspection, re-work and scrap. A major source of FM is the poor cleaning performance of standard non-woven and polyester fabric cleanroom wipers. Device manufacturers now must choose between wipers that absorb and wipers that shed fibers.

Foamtec manufactures CleanWIPE® and UltraSORB® cleanroom foam wipers which are optimized to clean sub-micron to 500 micron sized particulate contamination from both devices and work surfaces. CleanWIPE® is available in certified non-cytotoxic versions and UltraSORB® is free of endotoxins.

Features & Benefits

Open Pore Structure. Entrap and remove hard to clean materials such as silicones, large metallic and plastic fibers including hair.
Large surface area. Excellent first pass cleaning and sanitizing with 70 and 100 % IPA.
True Lint-Free Wiping Performance. Foam construction eliminates the risk of abrasion related lint contamination.
Medical grade Polyurethane foam. Designed, manufactured, tested and certified for biocompatibility and fiber free cleaning performance.
Manufactured in an ISO 5 13485 clean room. Lot to lot consistency and tracability to raw materials.

Cleanroom Wiper Comparison

Fiber Free Cleanroom Foam Wipers