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Upgrade Cleanroom SOP’s to Comply with Annex 1

Cleanroom cleaning and disinfection SOP’s can be upgraded to efficiently remove sporicidal and disinfectant residues with the PharmaMOP® GO Sahara + mop system to meet the latest regulatory guidance.

Cleanrooms in GMP Facilities are challenged with sporicidal and disinfectant residues.

Sahara+ Cleaning products enable the cleaning of residues using only water or 70% IPA to comply with the latest regulatory guidance in Annex 1.

GMP Manufacturing Sites can Achieve Singe-Step Cleaning and Disinfection SOPs

The PharmaMOP GO mop system with Sahara + mop heads enables the simultaneous application of disinfectants while scrubbing stubbornly adhered, dried residues from previous applications of disinfectants and sporicides. In addition, for SOP’s that require soils and residues to be cleaned before disinfection, the Sahara + mop heads enable effective cleaning using only water or 70% IPA. Even with two-step cleaning and disinfection SOP’s, the hands-free design allows 2-3x improvements in productivity for housekeeping standoff or janitorial contractors.

In addition to mops, sponges, wipers, and buffing pads are all available with Sahara+ technology. Sahara+ is a unique combination of scrubbing foam that dislodges hardened residue and soil and MiraWIPE microfiber that entraps and removes contamination, returning surfaces to pristine conditions. Sahara + cleaning materials are qualified for ISO3-8 cleanrooms and are designed to reduce the shedding of particulates and fibers to the controlled environment. Sahara+ provides sandpaper-like scrubbing but will not scratch even soft plastics.

Removing disinfectant residues such as LpH from hard to clean surfaces such as glass is easily accomplished with PharmaMOP® GO Sahara+ mop heads wetted with 70% alcohol.


Sahara+ mops are manufactured in ISO 7 cleanrooms.
MiraWIPE® wipers, Sahara+ sponges and pads are manufactured in ISO 5 cleanrooms.
Production-proven to improve compliance with annex 1 regulatory guidance without the need to qualify and employ detergents other than water or 70 % IPA.
The Sahara+ System consists of mops, wipers, sponges, and buffing pads so stainless steel equipment, clean room doors, cleanroom windows, as well as floors, walls, and ceilings can be cleaned to like-new conditions every day.
The Sahara+ System quickly removes sticky and tacky residues from floors, walls, and doors that lead to elevated non-viable particle levels.
Sahara+ wetted with wifi or 70% alcohol removes residues from 304 and 316 stainless surfaces, improving equipment cleaning validation protocols.

Cleaning and Disinfection Applications

Ideal for rinsing Spor-Klenz, quats, Klercide, Vesphene, LpH, and bleach-based residues such as hypo-chlor from 316, 304, and EP stainless steel to prevent rust.
Sahara + PharmaMOP enables soils trapped in sticky floor residues to be cleaned in daily cleaning and disinfection SOP’s.
MiraWIPE leaves equipment such as laminar flow hoods and Isolators used in aseptic environments dry after rinsing protocols.

About Foamtec WCC

Foamtec's mission is to enable contamination control professionals to improve particle control in clean rooms by solving surface contamination challenges. The Wilshire Contamination Control Division of Foamtec International supplies clean room mops, foam swabs, microfiber swabs, foam wipers, microfiber wipers, UltraSOLV® ScrubPADS to address clean room cleaning and the critical cleaning of process equipment.


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