Cleanroom Mops for GMP Facilities

Cleanroom Mops Designed to enable Pharmaceutical Facilities to comply with GMP Cleaning & Disinfection SOPs

Foamtec manufactures cleanroom mops in an FDA registered, GMP facility for enhanced cleaning and disinfection SOPs in GMP pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical device, and API facilities.

• Constructed from foams that resist shedding due to abrasion
• Compatible with autoclave, gamma and EtO sterilization methods
• High quality clean room packaging to maintain sterility and cleanliness
• Available with Patented Bump-Proof® fabric laminations to prevent abrasion generated particles
• Micro fiber mop heads offer unsurpassed cleaning efficiency for weekly, monthly or quarterly super clean protocols
• All mops are manufactured in a GMP facility with an ISO 13485 quality system

UltraMOP® Mops

Roll-O-Matic® is a registered trademark of Freudenberg Household Products LP.