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Close FM Related CAPAS

Close CAPA’s, Reduce Rejects through a Deep Understanding of the Sources of FM

1. We Gather Evidence and Clues.

Foamtec has developed an innovative, cleanroom compatible sampling system that enables contamination to be collected from the manufacturing line. The samples are tagged, logged and packaged so it remains intact on its way to the lab.

Devices, Polycellulose Wipers, and Cutting Tools were Bagged, Tagged, and Sent to be Analyzed

2. We Analyze the Data.

Via SEM/EDX & FTIR instruments contamination is matched to materials and processes in order to develop root cause solutions.

3. We Find the Contamination Source.

When the analysis is finished, it is easy to see where the FM originated from. Root cause based preventative action can be taken.

FTIR Results Show a Match between the White FM Found On the Catheter After Being Cleaned and the Polycellulose Wipers used to Clean

FTIR Results Show a Match between the Red FM Found Inside the Unopened Catheter Package and Red LOCTITE Material on the Hand Tool

4. We Provide a Solution.

Finally, FM related CAPAs can be closed with a root cause solution.

About Foamtec WCC

Foamtec's mission is to enable contamination control professionals to improve particle control in clean rooms by solving surface contamination challenges. The Wilshire Contamination Control Division of Foamtec International supplies clean room mops, foam swabs, microfiber swabs, foam wipers, microfiber wipers, UltraSOLV® ScrubPADS to address clean room cleaning and the critical cleaning of process equipment.


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