Optics / Reduce Defects and Productivity Bottlenecks Related to Contamination

• For PM’s on vacuum Coaters ScrubPADS and ScrubDISKS eliminate PM time and particle contamination associated with the use of Scotch-Brite™ and other commercial abrasives use to PM process by-product.

UltraSOLV sponges and wipers are the only cleanroom wiper qualified to clean bead blasted vacuum components and shields.

• For cleaning of polishers the Sahara Sponge eliminates the use of Scotch-Brite™ and brushes to remove hardened slurry deposits from scratch sensitive surfaces.

• For equipment cleaning MiraWIPE and DrySAT reduce particle defects by enabling operator and techs to more thoroughly clean surfaces. MiraWIPE and DrySAT are production proven to reduce fibers and metal to metal generated particles.

• For coated and uncoated optical surface MiraSWABS offer streak free, scratch free cleaning of the most delicate surfaces.

MiraSWAB® | Microfiber Swabs

Microfiber cleaning performance brought to the world of swabs. Acetone compatible.


MiraSAT™ | Presaturated Wipers

MiraSAT™ is a pre-saturated cleanroom wiper to provide innovative cleaning solutions for the contamination control industry.

Sahara® Sponges

Sahara Sponge is a specially cross-linked ester, polyurethane foam.


Patented scrubbing tools for use in PM procedures on process equipment.


ScrubPADS® Quickly & Safely Remove Process Residues from Vacuum Chambers in the Semiconductor, LCD and Solar Cell Industries.

UltraSOLV® Swabs

Foam swabs that are excellent general purpose cleaning tools for cleanroom assembly applications.

UltraSOLV® Wipers

Highly absorbent, ISO Class 5 foam wiper constructed from a naturally reticulated, hydrophillic, polyurethane foam.