Eliminate Particle Contamination in Your IBS Tool with Foamtec's Solutions


Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) tools are crucial for achieving precision coatings on various substrates in optical fabrication. However, particle contamination can lead to unexpected downtime and compromised particle performance in IBS tools. In this discussion, we'll delve into the importance of removing sources of particle contamination in IBS tools and how Foamtec's Chamber Cleaning Products, MiraWIPE, ScrubPADS, and ScrubDISKS have proven their mettle in sub-10nm wafer fabs, significantly improving post-PM particle levels.

1. Removing Particle Sources: A Necessity Particle contamination can originate from various sources within IBS tools, and addressing these sources is paramount to maintaining high-quality film deposition. Legacy cleanroom wipers and PM techniques employing Scotch-Brite™ are known to introduce particles into the system. Foamtec's Solution: Foamtec is your partner in eliminating these particle sources. Our MiraWIPE and Chamber Cleaning Products have a proven track record in sub-10nm wafer fabs, where they have consistently improved post-PM particle levels. We help you achieve cleaner coatings and minimize unscheduled PMs.

2. Enhancing Bead Blasted Fixture Cleanliness: A Challenge Overcome Bead-blasted fixtures are standard in IBS, but their rough, textured surfaces can be challenging to clean effectively. Rinsing alone after bead blasting often leads to particle shedding, increasing contamination risks within the chamber.

Foamtec's Solution: Meet the dynamic duo: Sahara Foam Wiper and UltraSOLV. Together, they have greatly enhanced the cleanliness of bead-blasted shields and substrate fixtures. Our proactive approach minimizes contamination risks, ensuring uniform coatings and fewer unscheduled PMs.

In conclusion, the battle against particle contamination in IBS tools is critical. It's essential to eliminate known particle sources and employ effective cleaning techniques. Foamtec's Chamber Cleaning Products, MiraWIPE, Sahara Foam Wiper, and UltraSOLV are your trusted allies in this endeavor. With a proven track record in sub-10nm wafer fabs, our solutions reduce particle levels post-PM and contribute to cleaner coatings and smoother IBS tool operation. Ensure precision and efficiency in your optical fabrication processes by partnering with Foamtec today!

Key Features


ScrubPADS® Quickly & Safely Remove Process Residues from Vacuum Chambers in the Semiconductor, LCD and Solar Cell Industries.


Patented scrubbing tools for use in PM procedures on process equipment.

UltraSOLV® Sponges

Highly absorbent, constructed from a naturally reticulated, hydrophilic, polyurethane foam.

MiraWIPE® Cleanroom Microfiber Wipes

Premium cleanroom microfiber wipers designed for equipment cleaning applications.