Plasma-Therm Etch Cleaning


Foamtec PM Kits reduce the cost, time and post PM particles issues so often associated with PM procedures on Plasma-Therm RIE Tools. UltraSOLV® High Precision PM Kits (listed below) and cleaning procedure for the ceramic spool, electrode and metal portions of

Versalok and VERSALINE chambers. The kit contains UltraSOLV® Diamond ScrubPADS, Sponges and Wipers that enable the following benefits:.

Key Features

• Quick, thorough wiping of the ceramic spool even when it has been etched
• Polish and cleaning of the ceramic spool in less than 15 minutes
• Scrubbing and cleaning of the electrode assembly in less than 15 minutes
• Complete chamber PM in less than an hour
• Achieve pump down to bases vacuum in 30-40% less time than with standard PM cleaning