Semiconductor Manufacturing

With the advent of 10nm, 7nm, 5nm and future 3nm processing nodes, equipment and process engineers require tighter contamination control to meet equipment uptime and yield budgets.

Foamtec’s industry-leading chamber cleaning products, combined with our knowledge of the latest preventive maintenance and particle troubleshooting BKMs allow for step-change improvements in the following areas:

• Reduction is green to green times due to faster and more thorough removal of process by-product from wafer processing tools.

• Improvements in post PM particle adders and first-pass qual rates.

• Reductions in tech time and reclean rates required to PM tools.

• Root cause identification of the sources of particle escalations, scratch defect and lithography hotspots events.

Foamtec’s industry-leading UltraSOLV ScrubPADS, ScrubDISKS, PneuSCRUB and MiraWIPES have dramatically improved wet clean procedures and step-change reductions in particle levels on wafer processing tools. Foamtec’s Hi-Vac qualified abrasives and wipers are production-proven on process chambers, VAT Valves, end stations, electrostatic chucks, and wafer transfer robotics to reduce post PM particle adders, Tech Time, and tool downtime.

The Foamtec International Sales/Application Engineering Staff has worked closely with the leading Tool Manufacturers and Equipment Engineers to develop High Precision PM Procedures that drive improved tool performance and reduced cost of ownership. We have a worldwide network of factory-trained equipment engineers to help equipment engineers and techs identify and reduce sources of particles and to upgrade vacuum chamber pm best-known methods on state-of-the-art 300mm toolsets and 200mm systems.

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Chamber Preventive Maintenance Cleaning

The Foamtec International Sales/Application Engineering Staff has worked closely with the leading Tool Manufacturers and wafer fab professionals.

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) Slurry Preventive Maintenance Cleaning

CMP modules, polishers and pCMP cleaning tools are susceptible to contamination from hardened slurry by-product. Foamtec’s Sahara + cleaning products enable techs to quickly and thoroughly clean slurry deposits from tool interiors, skins, module floors and walls.


Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Preventive Maintenance Cleaning

Chemical Vapor Deposition Vacuum Chambers can be cleaned safely and quickly with less particle adders and improved uptime.Chemical Vapor Deposition PM Kits are available for PECVD, LPCVD, HDP and MOCVD Tools.

Ion Implant Preventive Maintenance Cleaning Applications

High Precision PM kits enable technicians to quickly and thoroughly clean process residues containing arsenic, phosphorus, and boron without the use of Scotch Brite™ and hydrogen peroxide.

Plasma Etching Preventive Maintenance Cleaning

Improve Post Wet Clean Particle Control.

Proper Cleaning of O-Ring Grooves to Prevent Scratches and Vacuum Leaks Video

Preventing High Vacuum Leaks due to improper cleaning of O-Ring Grooves.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Preventive Maintenance Cleaning Applications

Vacuum Chamber Cleaning Products are designed to give PVD Engineers the ability to improve PM protocols, and give our customers the opportunity to reduce Cost and Mean Time to Clean (MTTC) while improving tool availability.

MiraWIPE Reflector Preventive Maintenance Cleaning in Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) Tools

MiraWIPE® enables the quick removal of stubborn stains from reflectors with much less risk of damage as compared to traditional clean room wipers.