Plasma Etching Preventive Maintenance Cleaning


Plasma Etching Wet Cleans present significant cost, downtime and post PM particle issues to advanced 200MM and 300MM wafer fabs

The Foamtec International Sales/Application Engineering Staff has worked closely with the leading Tool Manufacturers and wafer fab professionals, to develop a High Precision PM Technique that drives improved tool performance and reduced cost of ownership. Our fab experience and working directly with our customers allowed us to develop tools used for many different special applications to help meet their objectives. We have a world wide network of factory trained engineers to support our customers.


Vacuum Chamber Cleaning Products are designed to give Etch Engineers the ability to improve plasma etching wet cleans. Both logic and memory fabs are using our Plasma Etching PM Products to reduce Cost & Mean Time to Clean (MTTC) while improving tool availability:

• Abrasives, Scrubbing Tools & Wipers/Sponges specially designed to safely remove process deposition from anodized, ceramic and quartz surfaces
• Special tools for cleaning delicate chamber components such as slit valves, VAT valves, O-ring grooves and ESC's
• Wipers and swabs specially designed to reduce particles, helium leaks on ESC's and chamber out gassing
• Foamtec International's Cleaning Techniques enable improved Cost of Ownership
• Improve Post Wet Clean Particle Control
• Quickly & Safely remove Process Deposition from anodized etch chambers
• Improve Plasma Etch Tool Availability