Solar Cell Screen Printing


Solar Cell Screen Printing demands high volume throughput which means downtime related to clogged or dirty screens is more expensive than ever.

Solar Cell Screen Printing places increased demands on operators to keep screens clean as broken wafer related contamination is a major cause of misprints.

Current Cleaning Methods

• Hard wiping with Non Woven wipers degrades and tears screens
• Leads to fiber based misprints
• Offers inefficient removal of broken wafers and associate down time with cleaning screens off line

UltraSORB® and CleanWIPE® Advantages

• Increased cell production/Lower Labor costs - Soft Open pore structure dry wipes screens on the printer and grabs and holds broken silicon wafers
• Lower misprint rates - Resilient polyurethane construction will not shed fibers onto screens leading to misprints
• Longer screen life - High stiction of wiper to screen allows operators to wipe softly to avoid screen damage
• Reduced wiper cost of ownership - Silicon chips can be removed from wiper allowing one foam wiper to replace 50-100 lint-free paper wipers